Evolution of a feminist daughter ~ and ~ Favorite Daughter Peels Off Virgin Label

Evolution of a feminist daughter

Rebecca Walker – the daughter of Alice Walker, the author of “The Color Purple,” and Mel Leventhal, a civil rights lawyer – was a nascent feminist when she laid bare the details of her freewheeling, lonely adolescence in 2001’s, “Black, White and Jewish: Autobiography of a Shifting Self.”

The memoir, like the 20-something Walker, was impassioned, poetic and occasionally messy. But it hit a nerve with many critics who considered it a poignant meditation on race and sex.

Evolution of a feminist daughter by Stephanie Rosenbloom ~ The New York Times ~ March 25th, 2007


Favorite Daughter Peels Off Virgin Label

My college-loving book and culture nut daughter blogs, too. Writes rings around me already, to be honest, and certainly around the unhoned writer and thinker I was at her age!

She gave me permission to crosspost her latest work here. It’s true I thought Liza, Lorraine, moiv and CaLiberal (who I keep wanting to call Callie!) would especially like it, but also I want her POV accessible here at Culture Kitchen, because I hope it will speak to a larger progressive audience in the too-often-unheard voice of young feminism, from the direct line of fire in the culture wars.


Standing in line at a fancy grocery store, I spotted a display among many :

Excuse me? I thought. Extra extra? Isn’t that a little unnecessary?

Favorite Daughter Peels Off Virgin Label by JJ Ross ~ culturekitchen ~ 24 March 2007

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