Doug Ireland: Ann Coulter and H.R.C.– A Question of Censorship

You’d have to be living under a rock in Fiji without electricity to not have heard by now how the odious ultra-conservative pitbull Ann Coulter (left) called Sen. John Edwards (right) a “faggot” during her remarks last week at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). But what you may not have heard is what an organization calling itself the HumanJohn_edwards Rights Campaign (HRC) did in response to Coulter’s bigoted slur.

Not content with simply denouncing this latest evidence that Coulter is infected with a particularly virulent form of intellectual rabies, HRC decided to reach deep into the Christian right’s grab-bag of intimidation tricks and organize a national letter-writing campaign demanding of Universal Press Syndicate that it simply stop distributing her column to the 100-odd newspapers around the country that publish Coulter’s syndicated lacerations.

And now it’s HRC that is taking incoming from gay writers and editors who still hold to the increasingly quaint notion that freedom of speech applies even to those whose speech we don’t like — that it is, in fact, a human right.


It’s dangerous for a gay group like HRC to issue a demand for suppression of a writer, even of someone as repulsive as Coulter. In doing so, those who claim to speak for all lesbians and gays surrender the moral high ground to the theocratic censorship drives of the Christian right. Not only does HRC’s action allow Coulter to pose as a martyr and a victim of the Homintern, it’s also a very slippery slope on which to embark, because the Christers are bigger and better-funded than we are — we’ll be on the losing end.

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