article: Army Tries Private Pitch For Recruits

A recent government report noted that many military recruiters were unhappy with their jobs and that recruiting violations — such as instructing applicants not to disclose medical conditions — increased 50 percent in one year.

By turning to the private sector, advocates argue, the Army can save money and free soldiers to fight. Critics say it pushes the limit to what military jobs should be outsourced, furthering a trend that has already drawn record numbers of private contractors into roles as central as interrogating prisoners.


To Serco and MPRI Inc., it is good business. The two Virginia-based firms have more than 400 recruiters assigned across the country, and have signed up more than 15,000 soldiers. They are paid about $5,700 per recruit.

Read all of Army Tries Private Pitch For Recruits by Renae Merle ~ Washington Post ~ September 6, 2006

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