Another seizure

I know some of my friends read this blog for my health updates.

I had another seizure yesterday at about noon and the medics came when Alec called and a firetruck arrived and then three medic/firepersons checked me and helped me walk to the car and Alec drove me to the emergency room, nurses helped me into a wheelchair and into the emergency room. I got home about 6pm. Catherine cooked us dinner. Thank you! I do remember that, but not a whole lot else. Now my brain cells are slightly scrambled but not as much as sometimes. They called my neurologist and he increased my seizure med.

5 thoughts on “Another seizure”

  1. I know we just barely met but my heart and prayers go out to you and I hope you feel better soon….You are a huge inspiration to me Gabi, and there is much you have made me realize already so I’m offering my hand and anything you need just say the word… We at Stand Up AZ! are all here for you!

  2. Thanks everyone! Its been a week now and I’m back to close to normal, whatever that is. Still some minor sound distortions but they are going away. I see my neurologist again on Friday. He already had them up the dosage on my seizure med, so I don’t know what more he can do.


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