Another medical update. A broken machine.

Well, Alec and I spent Thursday night at a friends house so we could get to the hospital in Seattle bright and early (7:45!)

I had the MRI first, and then went to check in for the three hour balance test. That’s when they told me that the balance test machine was broken! Now the balance test has been rescheduled for March 14th and then I’ll see the doc on the 20th. They may call and move those dates up.

So no news yet. I’m still dizzy (slightly) and still hearing sounds like wind and faint buzz of a distant bass in a car or a mosquito in my right ear, which otherwise has lost almost all hearing – damage from the inner ear infection which may be permanent.

It’s a bother – the only time I don’t have to deal with it is when I’m asleep. But I know it could be much worse.

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