Turkeys Are Our Friends

Our son Noel is home for Thanksgiving (with his cat Linus.) Noel has been a vegerarian since high school. So we usually do Thanksgiving without poultry & meats.


One vegetarian shares the bond she developed with turkeys after finding alternatives to this traditional Thanksgiving comfort food.


Turkeys love to be caressed, and people often remark that they respond just like their own dogs and cats. Turkeys even make a purring sound when they are content, and not until you’ve had a hen fall asleep under your arm have you lived. She will literally melt under your touch, relax her body, and begin to close her eyes, softly clucking all the while. It’s a sight to see, and I’m moved every time I have the privilege to witness it.

Some turkeys are more affectionate than others, climbing into your lap and making themselves as comfortable as can be. At an animal sanctuary I frequent, a particularly friendly turkey became known for her propensity to hug. As soon as you crouched down, she would run over to you, press her body against yours, and crane her head over your shoulders, clucking all the while. It’s amazing how so generous a hug can be given by something with no arms

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