Thirteen years

Yes its another anniversary. Bill died thirteen years ago. Thank you to all of you who remembered and to all of you who are out there doing things to turn hate to love, acceptance and celebration. Every thing we do counts.

I’ve just helped put two new blogs are online and I wanted to mention them here because they are for organizations that are doing just that. Please check them out, subscribe, and consider becoming a contributor to them:

PFLAG-Olympia’a Blog
Safe Schools Coalition Blog

PFLAG’s request for contributor writers is at the top of the blog, and here is what Safe Schools Coalition sent out today:

EXCITING news: Safe Schools Coalition has a blog! HELP NEEDED: Join the team of bloggers!

CHECK IT OUT: We are very excited to announce that Safe Schools Coalition now has a blog. We envision this is a way to make the Coalition a more interactive online community. It is at

SUBSCRIBE: You can subscribe to the blog. Postings will be emailed to you so you won’t miss anything and won’t have to remember to check the site. The subscription form is on the blog – you will have to reply to a confirmation email.

APPLY TO JOIN THE TEAM OF BLOGGERS: Do you like to write about LGBTQ-safe-schools issues? We are looking for people who would be interested in becoming contributor/ authors on the blog. We want this to be a group of people of diverse ages, positions, and backgrounds and from all over the country and the world. If you work with a member organization or are an ally who has a connection and interest in the mission of Safe Schools Coalition and the work we do, please consider applying to be a team member. If you’ve never blogged before, it’s really very easy. We can help get you started. Contributors will need to have a Google account or a gmail account. We have some guidelines about what we can do on the blog because of confidentiality issues, copyright law and our non-profit status, and we will follow the’s Terms of Service. If you are interested, we need a short bio, what your interests are, and two samples of your writing (no more than 300 words each). Write to us at

TALK BACK: In addition to the blog’s contributors, anyone can comment on the blog posts, and we hope this will happen to make this an active online community.

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