Noel came down with Linus last night after work so we have three cats in the house. They’ll leave for home either Friday night or Saturday morning. Noel works Saturday at the Rep.

Since he has been vegetarian since high school we have vegetarian feast in process.

We’re having: roasted butternut squash soup with curry condiments, ratatouille, roasted stuffed onions, homemade cranberry sauce, hot mulled cider.

Catherine is bringing brussel sprouts from her garden, homemade sweet potato pie & pecan pie

Noel brought a wine from a friend’s family vineyard. He’s going to run to the store for vanilla ice cream and rolls.

Like I said, a feast.

I wish a good thanksgiving to everyone.

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving”

  1. I lost a son to suicide so I can share some in your loss. I was wondering about bi-sexuality. How does a bi-sexual live out his or her life? We hear a lot about same sex marriage, but what can a bi-sexual comtemplate? I am interested in your insights on this.

  2. Hi ‘Dad’

    I am so sorry about your son.

    Bisexual people are as varied as gay and lesbian people. It’s about attraction and affection – not just sex.

    Some bisexual folk are monogamous and in committed relationships and some are not. And then there is serial monogamy. And some bisexual people are in many relationships at the same time just like lesbian, gay and straight people. Those can include – but not limited to – those who claim monogamy and have affairs.

    I have some great resources on sexual orientation on this resource page:


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