More on Stonewall Youth at Washington Middle School, including my letter to the editor.

Stonewall Youth’s speaker’s panel spoke about bullying at Washington Middle School in Olympia on Wednesday, June 6, 2007. Alec and I attended a school board meeting on Monday, July 11, 2007, along with youth from Stonewall, members of PFLAG and other folks in the community. This letter to the editor was published as a Letters …

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Stonewall Youth at a Washington Middle School Assembly

Read School talk about gays, lesbians riles some parentsby Heather Woodward ~ June 8, 2007 ~ The Olympian I have Chris’ permission to share this letter. June 8, 2007 I’m still waiting for the day when a school can have a speaker who dares utter the word “gay” or “lesbian” without bringing down the wrath …

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A medical update

On Tuesday February 20th I posted that I was home and recovering from a seizure.After that I started having tight chest pain and at first thought it might be heartburn, which I hadn’t had in years. But taking antacid didn’t do a thing. Then I thought I had injured myself during the seizure or had …

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