Short takes …

I haven’t posted since the ones when we got home from California.

A lot has happened. We’ve been busy. I only have time to catch up a little here right now. I started to write this an hour ago and the power blinked off and I lost it so I am writing a short one tonight.

We’re snowed in. We got out to the grocery store Thursday and haven’t been out since. And there is a LOT of snow. Its been snowing like crazy. I posted some photos this morning on our Flickr account.
December 2008 snow days in Olympia, WA

And I posted some new pictures of the cats.
Cats in the Winter 2008

Something I watched yesterday worth sharing …
Were The World Mine

I had eight teeth extracted and have a full upper denture now. It went well. I knew it would happen some day. And Alec had the same thing done a week after me. He is doing well too. Its a funny thing to share.

Oh and I have rejoined Facebook recently, and have been enjoying that.

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