Riot and wrong

Alec writes for and is the copy editor for The Weekly Volcano. He wrote me, “It’s about time someone in the media did a fair and non-hysterical story on the so-call Evergreen riots.” and sent me a link to this article about my alma matter The Evergreen State College:

Unless you live under a rock or outside the blogosphere of Western Washington, you are no doubt aware that the Feb. 14 Dead Prez concert at The Evergreen State College ended with a Thurston County Sheriff’s patrol car flipped onto its roof with the windows smashed out and several witty slogans spray painted on it. Sheriff’s Lt. Christopher Mealy said four patrol cars were damaged at an estimated cost of $35,000 to $50,000. Since then, a storm of rhetoric has been issued by the Sheriff’s Department, the college, and every hippie and conservative with access to the Internet. Evergreen has banned concerts indefinitely, too. Most accounts, however, have suspiciously ignored the circumstance and events leading up to the riot.

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The real story behind the Evergreen Riot
by Owen Taylor ~ Feb 28, 2008
EVERGREEN RIOT: Kaylen Williams reflects on his Valentine’s Day life massacre.

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