Redford gives liberal group earful of advice

I don’t identify as a Democrat ~ I consider myself an independent and I am proud of that. There have been times that I wanted to vote for the person who I believe in the most (if I could find one) but I have been so afraid of the opponent ~ like Bush in this last election ~ that I vote for a mainstream Democratic candidate instead in hopes of winning.

It didn’t work this last time, did it?

Anyway … to the quote from an article that started that chain of thought:

“Democrats need to regain the courage that’s lost with political compromises over the last few years,” actor and environmental activist Robert Redford said Monday. “They’ve got to get it together. If they don’t, it will not only be a tragedy for them, but a tragedy for the country.”

See Redford gives liberal group earful of advice
by Will Lester; The Associated Press ~ June 13th, 2006

He was speaking to the Campaign for America’s Future

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