Rebecca Riots – A Thousand Hands (Wedding Song ’08)

One of my favorite bands, Rebecca Riots, sent out this message:

Subject: [Rebecca Riots] New Song For You and Us
Date: 11/6/2008

Dear Friends,

While it is awesome and inspiring that we have elected an African-American to the White House, we still haven’t managed to commit ourselves fully to the concept of equality. Provisional results suggest that California proposition 8 may have passed, making same sex marriage illegal once more. For more info, visit In this painful time of sadness and waiting we want to reach out to all of you who supported marriage equality with our gratitude and our hope for a better future – and to give you a gift to thank you for standing up for marriage equality.

As we said in our last email, “A Thousand Hands (Wedding Song ’08)” is a love song written for Eve’s wedding 8 years ago and revived in order to sing it at some of the historic same-sex weddings that have been happening here in California since it was made legal. Since then, we have played it at shows and plan to include it on our forthcoming CD. But as the campaign heated up we were so appalled by the scare tactics and lies by proposition 8 proponents – and so inspired by record-breaking marriage equality volunteerism, that we wanted to give something back to you, the people who are willing to stand up for what is right. So please come and download the song at

So thank you, and let’s not give up this fight for justice. The forces of reaction have not won because we will continue to get married and we will continue to be who we are, and continue to live our lives in the light of day and in the midst of healthy community. We offer this song to all people who love equality, regardless of gender or orientation.

Feel free to share our song with friends in your email address book, your facebook or other networking sites, via your email groups, websites and blogs? If you have any resources or suggestions from reporters to leaders of organizations that would want to know about this, we would be very grateful for your help. There are also opportunities to get more involved – if you’d like to volunteer on this project please email and let us know.

Again thank you for standing up for what’s right!

Eve, Andrea & Lisa
Rebecca Riots

Thank you (again) Eve, Andrea & Lisa. Its a beautiful song, and a sweet gift.

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