The politics of comparing apples and oranges when they are both in the bowl

Some of Hillary Clinton’s supporters are making claims that the reason she is not doing well in her run for president is sexism and misogyny – that people do not support her because she is a woman.

Misogyny certainly exists, and denying that would be as nuts and out of touch with reality as saying racism doesn’t exist.

As a second generation feminist, the reasons I don’t support Clinton are not about her being a woman or because she is white, just as the reasons I do support Obama are not because he is a man or because he is black. It’s because he seems the best candidate for the job of leading this country that we have running at this time with any chance of getting elected.

Being a feminist means I believe in equality for women, which means I’ll vote for the PERSON who I believe is most qualified for the job.

As you may recall, Dennis Kucinich was my first choice. A white man.

Speaking of white men, John McCain scares me and I would never vote for him. I don’t understand people who support Clinton or Obama saying if their candidate doesn’t get the nomination they will vote for McCain. I think that is beyond wacky.

After a
May 19th ABC News article Obama Warns GOP “Lay Off My Wife” by IMAEYEN IBANGA there was a comment by someone identified as I.B. FRANK:

If she is campaigning for her husband then she is open to any opinion from any other candidate. If Obama wants his wife to be free from verbal attacks then she needs to go home and mind the kids and stay out of politics.

Now who is the victim of sexism?

In the middle of her excellent May 19, 2008 post, When crying “MISOGYNY” becomes a campaign strategy, Liza Sabater, founder and lead writer of culturekitchen writes:

Yet what about the other women in this race? What about the “Stepford wifing” of Cindy McCain or the “angry ungratefulness” of Michelle Obama?

The other night, while dining with some fellow Black and Asian bloggers we were talking about this. We all agreed misogyny was half of the story because we all were too aware of the racist misogyny thrown Michelle Obama’s way.

Where is the outrage whenever there’s someone turning Michelle Obama into an ungrateful bitch who is nothing but another antipatriotic negro like Jeremiah Wright?

Oops, no time for that.

Liza Sabater ends then with a powerful set of questions.
Don’t miss it…
When crying “MISOGYNY” becomes a campaign strategy

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