neo-Nazis in Olympia

The National Socialist Movement NW has a permit for a rally on the Washington State capitol steps on July 3rd.

They have an annual event and this year its here, with camping they have arranged and suggested motels in the area ~ it will be a 3-day Nazi presence over the 4th of July weekend. And they want to recruit our white youth while they are here.

Alec and I have been working with Unity in the Community ~ a wonderful group of people and organizations.

We have been planning an event for July 2nd and doing a lot of education to prepare the community for this such as showing the film Not in Out Town about how Billings, Montana dealt with a situation like this.

There is information on the Unity in the Community website including posters to download (which we are asking everyone here to post in home and store and care windows as a visible statement of unity like Billings did with menorahs) and more.

A few NSM men have shown up at two of Unity’s planning meetings so far. At the third they didn’t show up, but we had police patrolling the area. Then last night we had a police officer standing outside the church while we met and as far as I know the NSM didn’t come.

Some of the articles in the Olympian:

Groups mobilize against neo-Nazis ~June 19

They showed up Sunday ~ Father’s Day ~ at the Downtown Neighborhood Association Street Fair:
Neo-Nazi fliers left on lawns ~ June 20

And this in today’s (June 22) paper:
Neo-Nazi defense draws filmmakers Producers of ‘Not in Our Town’ in Olympia to document preparations for July rally.

There are links to more articles and to information in the sidebar to the right.

I want to thank The Olympian not only for their excellent coverage, but for donating advertising to Unity in the Community as truly committed members of this community they cover. I do appreciate that!


And the Northwest National Socialist Movement website which is really awful is here if you want to take a look, but prepare yourself.

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