Nagasaki Mayor Ito killed

With the killings in Virgina in so much of the news another important story is not getting much attention. I thank my friend TJ Johnson for bringing it to my attention.

TJ wrote in an email:

Nagasaki Mayor Ito killed

Violence has claimed the life of another peacemaker.

Earlier today the Mayor Iccho Ito of Nagasaki, Japan was assassinated by a member of the Japanese mafia (yakuzu).

Mayor Ito was a pacifist, an outspoken critic of militarism, and unrelenting advocate for the elimination of nuclear weapons. Along with Mayor Akiba of Hiroshima, he led the Mayors for Peace campaign to eliminate nuclear weapons.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mayor Ito at the NPT conference at the United Nations in 2005, and corresponded with him since that time. He was well aware of our anti-nuclear work in Olympia, and sent several letters of encouragement and thanks us for our efforts to establish a nuclear free zone.


Please keep his family and the many Japanese peace and anti-nuclear activists who are grieving the loss in your heart and mind.

TJ Johnson


Read Nagasaki Mayor Itoh dies; suspect held grudge
Asahi Weekly ~ 04/19/2007

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