John Patrick Day ~ 1950 to 2007

On Tuesday I recieved an email from Gary Simpson of Stop Hate 2000. He wrote me:

John respected you, so I wanted to contact you personally to let you know John Day passed away last week. His death was a shock to us. A very simple memorial page is on the net . . .

on that page Gary wrote:

John loved to discuss history, political events, religion, and human rights. Social activism and helping create a more caring society were important to him. He lived out his deeply held Catholic faith both inside and outside of his parish. Outside of the church, John’s faith was seen in his acts of kindness, and in his social and political activism.

One day one of our Stop Hate volunteers saw John walking along the street close to a very busy city intersection. John was directing the music he was hearing through his headphones, as he walked along. In the midst of city noise and confusion, John could hear beautiful music and was directing that music. In the midst of the confusion of hate, prejudice, discrimination, inequity, and violence, John was able to hear the music of a better society, and John’s actions helped direct the music he heard.

John Day was an inspiration. Although I hadn’t heard from him often recently he will be missed. Read more of Gary’s memorial John Patrick Day ~ 1950 to 2007

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