Happy birthday to me, and other news

Thanks to family and warm wishes from friends ~ my birthday on Sunday was a good one. Noel was here. He, Alec and Catherine took me out for a great dinner.

Noel had his cat Linus with him to visit ours, Doozie. She likes that ~ she chased him around the house for two days. He may be twice her age and twice as big but she’s the boss of the house.

Noel is fine and doing well. Yesterday while Alec worked copy-editing for Volcano Noel took me shopping for my birthday present from the family. As we were leaving one of the stores a little old lady (older than me, maybe close to 70) saw us, noticed his black trench coat and cool scarf and commented that he looked ‘spiffy’ (or something like that). I agreed with her, and Noel thought it was funny because she apparently didn’t notice or didn’t care that he was wearing torn-in-the-knee slacks and his somewhat scuffy work shoes.

They bought me a great new chair for my computer desk. I just bought a new computer, a desktop this time, because my laptop was getting rickety. So was the old chair.

While we were out, we stopped for lunch at IHOP and I ordered from the senior menu for the first time, being one day into 55! 🙂

Noel and Linus returned to Seattle on Tuesday morning. Doozie moped and pouted for a little while and then caught up on sleep.

Other news …

I’ve had vertigo since July 19th. Yes, still! I make jokes about being a ‘dizzy dame’ but that description doesn’t generally fit me and its getting quite old. I had an MRI on Thursday. I see my neurologist on the 12th and will see if it showed anything.

Alec had a successful opening of his show One Degree ~ Three Artists on Saturday night at the a.o.c. gallery in Tacoma. It will be up through November so check it out if you can.

And on the night before that he was in an art walk event reading from his new and very-soon-to-be-available third novel, The Wives of Marty Winters.

There’s an event Tacoma Word! Northwest Perspectives in Literary Art being put on by TALE (Tacoma Area Literary Enthusiasts) for writers and independent press folk in Tacoma on November 3rd and we will be tabling there. We hope ‘The Wives’ will be here by then.

Soon I’ll be working on a print edition of Bill’s story. Then Alec and I plan to write a memoir together ~ in our ‘spare time’.

Oh, and Alec and I will be up in Seattle tonight to see Spamalot!

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