For those of you who remember Fenceberry News

From: Fenceberry
Date: 07/16/06
Subject: About Aleta,the fence in fenceberry, for some internet friends…

Hi all, I’m writing to a few of you from our old ‘articles list’ because I thought you would like to know. Aleta has been diagnosed with cancer. It has come on very fast and very hard. The cancer is from an unknown origin, it is still in the stem cell phase and very fast growing. It is a non-small cell type. None of this really means much to me, except that my Aleta has cancer and it is throughout her body. She has undergone her first round of chemotherapy and is tolerating it very well. She doesn’t have the nausea that can come from that treatment and I am greatful for that. She is on oxygen at home because her lungs have been attacked and the right one doesn’t expand to its full capacity. We discovered this condition on June 15th. She has basically been bed- ridden since about the 22nd. She has been in and out of the hospital a couple of times and had every conceivable test. Her oncologist, Dr Jean Grem, is with the Nebraska Medical Center and they have an excellent cancer team and reputation. We are cautiously hopeful and are taking one day at a time. Aleta is alert but fatigued, partly do the chemotherapy and partly to the lower oxygen intake. She has been sleeping in our reclining chair for the last few weeks because it is too painful for her to lie flat on her back in our bed. We have requested a hospital bed and will find out on Monday if that will be possible. Insurance companys can be a$hole$!

Some of you who are getting this email are friends, and I apoligize to you for the way I am giving you the news, in a ‘bulk mail letter’, but at this time it is the best I can do. The others who are receiving this have been internet acquaintences that we have never met, although some we have, and we have felt a connection to you.

Neither Aleta nor I are ‘believers’ in the traditional sense. We don’t believe in an all powerful being or an after life, but we do believe in connections with other people. Over the last several years of our lives, all of you have met something to us and we have felt a connection to each of you, even if we have never seen you or heard your voice. I know that may sound silly, but it is true. So I’m hoping that if you have also felt that connection that you will send good feelings and wishes our way. If you are inclined to send a note or card, they would be very welcome and a much needed distraction. We have always enjoyed hearing about your lives and activities. Please DON’T send flowers or gifts. You can also drop her an email, she really doesn’t get on the computer much anymore, it’s just not very comfortable. But I can print off any notes you send so she can read them. If you care to send a card, address it to Aleta Fenceroy 4775 Decatur Street, Omaha, NE 68104

Thanks in advance,
Jean – the berry half of the FenceBerry family

PS I know I have missed many people who might be interested in hearing about how Aleta is doing, so if you know of anyone else then please feel free to forward this message.


Here is a Southern Voice September 03, 2004 article about Fenceberry, Jean Mayberry and Aleta Fenceroy:

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