Cover the Uninsured Week ~ May 1-7 2006

Alec and I don’t have health insurance. We work on contract and also are
self-employed. He had open heart surgery in 2002. I have epilepsy (adult onset starting in 1998 and I was just recently diagnosed with diabetes and high cholesterol. So we are private pay on everything – doctors, medicine, hospital stays etc.

During May 1-7, 2006 thousands of activities will take place across the United States to tell Congress that health coverage for Americans must be their top priority.

Alec and I are planning to go to the May 5th “2006 Gala Celebration Breakfast” in Lacey Washington (right next to Olympia.)

To see the Cover the Uninsured website including news and events that may be planned in your community, click here ~ opens in new window.

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