CodePINK: What’s more appalling than $165 billion?

This nation was born out of a longing for freedom from domination by the British empire. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison all warned that the invasion and occupation of other lands would turn America into precisely the sort of occupying force they had rebelled against.If there be one principle more deeply written than any other in the mind of every American,” said Thomas Jefferson in 1791, it is that we should have nothing to do with conquest.

Our founding fathers who fought against empire and foreign entanglements would be horrified that right before leaving for the July 4 break, Congress passed the largest funding bill ever–$165 billion–for the continued occupation of Iraq. They would also be horrified that instead of applying the diplomatic lessons of North Korea to the case of Iran, Congress and the Administration seem hell-bent on dragging us into another war.

Take a moment to read the appalling language of House Resolution 362.

And check out CODEPINK July 4th- Peace is Patriotic.

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