Carrie Says No To Proposition 8

The issue of gay marriage is addressed by 15 year old Carrie Shores whose parents (Del Shores and Jason Dottley) are gay.

Great job Carrie! Thanks for posting that.

Background notes: I met Carrie’s dad Del when my friend Michael Sugar flew me to Los Angeles to see Steve Schalchlin and Jim Brochu in the fabulous The Big Voice as a 50th birthday present in September 2002 (see Steve Schalchlin’s September 22-25, 2002 blog post).

While I was there, Michael also took me to see Del Shores’ wonderful play, “Southern Baptist Sissies” (read Alec’s 2005 review). I introduced myself to Del in the lobby after the play, and we have stayed in touch a bit since then. After that I saw his excellent movie Sordid Lives which is now a cool series Sordid Lives on Logo TV.

8 thoughts on “Carrie Says No To Proposition 8”

  1. Fifteen years old and so confused. Just because her dad left her mother for another man (how strange that sounds when I write it), doesn’t make it right or normal. Where in nature do two animals of the same sex form a couple? Good grief. VOTE ‘YES’ on PROPOSITION 8. Stop California’s reputation as the land of the fruits and nuts!

  2. And by the way, you wrote “…Carrie Shores whose parents (Del Shores and Jason Dottley) are gay.” NO… Carrie Shores PARENTS are NOT gay. She has a MOTHER who is no longer married to her FATHER. THOSE are her PARENTS. The word PARENT comes from the Latin word “parere” which means “to give birth to.”

  3. wow… someone who takes the time to read gay blogs (excuse that Gabi, I don’t mean it so broadly) sure has too much gay nay saying to really be straight. I smell issues.

    And I won’t even defend or address what he said.

    thank you Gabi for helping spread the love!

    Jason Dottley

  4. taGabi:

    You are an amazing person and thank you for posting Caroline’s youtube. She is a great kid with an open heart who loves her family. When she was six years old, she asked me about a family member, “Why does ________ not want people to be gay when they ARE gay.” Yes, it’s that easy if you haven’t been taught to judge and to hate.

    Now Anonymous – For your information, I did not leave Caroline’s mother for another man. Please don’t judge my life when you don’t know me. My advice — if you are basing your opinion on the Bible, then read ALL of the Bible, not just the scriptures that support your beliefs — and you might want to start with the scripture found in Matthew 7:1 — “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” I desperately tried to be straight for 35 years, but
    G-d made me gay. Having a Southern Baptist minister dad, raised in the church, and unfortunately people like you taught me to hate that part of myself.

    You are correct. Jason is not Caroline’s biological parent. Caroline has a wonderful, loving mother, who is my good friend and we coparent together. She loves and adores our children and will be at our wedding on October 26th. Also, by the Latin definition “to give birth to”, then no man can ever be a parent, although you say a FATHER is a parent. Aren’t you just a shining example of contradictions.

    Again, Gabi, thanks for posting…

    Your friend,

    Del Shores

  5. Hey anonymous — you are really ignorant which is proven by your two posts. Like Del Shores said, your Latin justification of parent excludes many that I’m sure you think are parents (but you use it just to exclude a gay man) AND according to MSNBC there are 51 species of animals that exhibit homosexuality — read it and weep!

  6. Well done, Carrie! My best wishes, congratulations and support to you and your family.

    Here in England, gay couples can’t marry, but they can register their partnership, which confers most, but not all, of the rights and responsibilities of marriage. This is good: but my partner and I have chosen not to register. Why not? Because it is *not* equality. We refuse to have to sit at the back of the bus!


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