Bump Kitchen ~ hot Northwest blues and grooves!!

Alec and I went to see and hear wonderful Bump Kitchen this afternoon at Lacey’s Huntamer Park in Woodland Square. We had heard them once before briefly (2 songs I think) at a fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina victims. I didn’t buy thier CD then, and regretted it so I went online and ordered it from their website. WOW!

Bump Kitchen is a very hot Northwest blues and grooves band:

Tony Harper: lead vocals & percussion
Jho Blenis: guitar & vocals (he writes many of the songs too.)
Everett James: drums, percussion & vocals
Mark Bittler: keyboards & vocals
Joe Bevens: bass & vocals

Tony Harper and Jho Blenis (above)
Mark Bittler on what he told Alec he calls his “funk stick” (above)

Joe Bevens is on bass, Everett James is on drums & Tony Harper is singing. (above)

OK, go ahead. Call me a silly fan.
I asked, and got Alec to take a picture of me with Tony Harper
at the end of this fabulous concert. 🙂

Check out their website for more information. Bump Kitchen

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