Back for a balance test.

Well, Alec and I drive back to Seattle this morning for my appointment at UW Medical Center for the dizziness and balance testing which was put off last month when we went up and found out the balance machine(s) were broken. The tests are: Videonystagmography (VNG), the Computerized Dynamic Posturography (CDP), and Rotary Chair Testing (RCT).

This should be interesting. The tests sound very weird.

Since they take about three hours, Alec is going to hang out with Noel who luckily is off today.

Then we go back on the 20th so I can see the doctor again and find out the results of these and the MRI.

I hope there will be some good news. I’m getting tired of saying I’m dizzy and busy, and I have lost most of the hearing in my right ear.

This has been going on since July 2007 and its getting old.

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