‘Ascetic’ at Midnight Sun in Olympia.

Alec and I went to the play ‘Ascetic’ put on by TAO – Theater Artists Olympia at the Midnight Sun theater space on Sunday night.

Alec had previewed a rehearsal at the director’s house for his weekly theater column in the News Tribune. I was unable to go to the rehersal because it was close to my last seizure and I was still recovering. Alec knew it was the kind of theater I like (serious intense drama) and it was good enough that he wanted to see it again so we went on Sunday.

WOW! This show is excellent – powerful, emotional and challenging. While it does involve a spiritual theme you don’t have to be religious to get a lot out of this play.

It was really sad that there were only four of us in the audience.

In his blog, South Sound Arts etc. (Art and theater reviews covering Seattle to Olympia, Washington, with other art, literature and personal commentary.)
Alec wrote on Friday, April 11, 2008:
Writing, acting make ‘Ascetic’ emotionally intense

and after seeing the show Sunday he wrote on Monday, April 14:
You’re missing a great show.

Read them in Alec’s blog South Sound Arts etc.

And here is ‘The Ascetic’: Step into a mystical, surprising world
by Molly Gilmore in The Olympian – April 10, 2008.

The play has a very short run – see it if you can! If you live in this area and are able to go see this, I highly recommend it.

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