article by Michelle Goldberg: Tyranny of the Christian Right

The largest and most powerful mass movement in the nation — evangelical Christianity — has set out to destroy secular society.

Whenever I talk about the growing power of the evangelical right with friends, they always ask the same question: What can we do? Usually I reply with a joke: Keep a bag packed and your passport current.


I am not suggesting that religious tyranny is imminent in the United States. Our democracy is eroding and some of our rights are disappearing, but for most people, including those most opposed to the Christian nationalist agenda, life will most likely go on pretty much as normal for the foreseeable future. Thus for those who value secular society, apprehending the threat of Christian nationalism is tricky. It’s like being a lobster in a pot, with the water heating up so slowly that you don’t notice the moment at which it starts to kill you.

Read the article Tyranny of the Christian Right
by Michelle Goldberg ~ AlterNet ~ May 30, 2006

(reprinted from Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism)

1 thought on “article by Michelle Goldberg: Tyranny of the Christian Right”

  1. Give them bread and chocolate.

    Just imagine how nice it must feel to believe without doubt that your are going to heaven after your die.

    It is cruel to take this most pleasant of thoughts away from people.

    If you cannot bring yourself to blind faiths in Jesus or Mohammad, go drnk wine and smoke opium or even join one of the non-middle east religions. You are never going to be as sastisfied as the evangelically nut-cases.

    But I must say I do love the notion that the “God of Abraham” is a specific God and not the same as the God that Hindus or Buddhists or Sikhs believe in.


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