“Why I’ve Cancelled My HRC Membership” by Christopher Durang:

Doug Ireland ~ longtime radical political journalist and media critic writes:

The talented gay playwright Christopher Durang explains why he has cancelled his membership in the Human Rights Campaign — and you can also find out why both Chris and I are rooting for Ned Lamont against Joe Lieberman in the Connecticut Democratic Primary:


Christopher Durang:

Last week I sent an upset email to the Human Rights Campaign, the gay rights organization, telling them to cancel my modest monthly donation to them. I did this because I was furious that they had come out and endorsed Senator Joseph Lieberman. The HRC finds him friendly on gay issues.

Senator Lieberman is a firm supporter of President Bush’s dangerous folly in Iraq.


If we were not all stuck living in Bush World, I might have chosen not to worry about an endorsement I didn’t like.


I am gay, and I am very committed to gay rights. But I rather think the planet coming to an end is more important and more immediate than when gays can marry – and Lieberman is on the wrong side of this very wrong-headed war.

Yes, I’m speaking in hyperbole, “the planet coming to an end”… but I’ve lived through Nixon, Reagan, and Bush Sr., and it hasn’t been until Bush the Second that I have felt the constitution was actually being dismantled (the grab for Executive Power is truly dangerous), and the planet was changing maybe irrevocably.

And meanwhile Mr. Bush, enchanted by the voice of God he hears and enthralled by the sound bytes spoon-fed him by the neo-cons, unleashes his bellicose impulses on the world, making us all less safe.

read the whole article in The Huffington Post:
Lieberman – Why I’ve Cancelled My HRC Membership
by Christopher Durang

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  1. Joe Lieberman just voted for Brett Kavanaugh for Judge. This partisan hack wrote the lurid Starr report. Did he have to provide all the details about the cigar in the vagina??? By voting for Brett Kavanaugh, Joe Lieberman voted for Ken Starr and the Starr report by proxy. Joe ought to retire and teach law at Pepperdine.
    Joe is not a bad person or even a bad democrat. Just that it is time for him to go. Isn’t 18 years as Senator enough? Combine that with a few egregious votes, it just is tough to be enthusiastic about Joe any more. I hope Bush makes him defence secretary soon – it is appropriate reward for the support he has provided for Bush and even better for Connecticut with contracts for Sikorsy and Groton.

    Good Bye Joe.


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