Matthew Shepard’s legacy – looking back and ahead on this anniversary.

Matthew Shepard was murdered eleven years ago today. “… despite the passage of time and increased cultural visibility, the realities faced by LGBTQs today are ‘no different than when Matthew Shepard was murdered.”~ Charles Robbins (Executive Director and CEO of The Trevor Project. Please read this excellent article: Matthew Shepard’s legacy :: The fight continuesby …

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The Geography of Hate

FROM the 1880s to the 1960s, at least 4,700 men and women were lynched in this country. The noose remains a terrifying symbol, and continues to be used by racists to intimidate African-Americans (who made up more than 70 percent of lynching victims). and And the number of hate groups, according to the annual count …

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debunked : a Hate Crimes Prevention Act urban legend

The American Family Association’s claims about the Matthew Shepard hate crimes bill were so outlandish that they’ve been debunked on the urban-myth-busting website Snopes. Claim: A bill before Congress would make it a “hate crime” for pastors and churches to speak against homosexuality. Status: False. See: Hate Crimes Prevention Act @ Snopes Urban Legends.

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