My Two Dads ! Gay Rights & Marriage Play!

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This is a play that i stared in that … This is a play that i stared in that won first place out of all the middle schools in California! All the best middle schools in California would have musicals, plays and skits and then they would all come together at a host school and show what they have and compete for glory! The first place winners would then go and perform infront of an audience and be filmed by a profesional filmer. This was filmed November 8, 2005. My group’s subject was to write a play for social change so we picked Gay Rights and then we created this funny play, “My Two Dads”. So like i said, we won first place! Oh and one thing: ALL THE ACTORS YOU SEE IN THIS VIDEO ARE NOT REALLY GAY OR HOMOSEXUAL. WE ARE ALL STRAIT 100% SO PLEASE NO NASTY COMMENTS, THIS IS A PLAY! Oh and my name is Allen and i’m the actor in the blue shirt who plays Chuck. So anyways, enjoy!

My Two Dads ! Gay Rights & Marriage Play! DTASC Fall Festival

Note. 6/12/07 – this video isn’t available now on YouTube. I don’t know if its temporary or permanent. Gabi

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