Great theater! The Big Voice: God or Merman?

I’ve been meaning to share this, so here it is! You get to watch ALL of the New York Off-Broadway production of The Big Voice: God or Merman?– written and performed by Jim Brochu & Steve Schalchlin. Enjoy!

The Big Voice: God or Merman? Act One

The Big Voice: God or Merman? Act Two 

“Think of two gifted and smart gay men with years of theater stories deploying their considerable talents from the two pianos you happen to have in your living room. Any question you could ask, they answer with a sidesplitting story or a telling anecdote. As these men onstage evoke Arkansas, a cruise ship or Sardi’s, you crack up at their deft mimicry and marvel at the romantic sweep of their songs, emotion catching your throat as you see them navigate AIDS and success, breakup and reconciliation.” ~ A Musical Attempt to Share Some Secrets of True Love –  by HONOR MOORE, NEW YORK TIMES 

“Life stories so exquisitely divine, only Mother Fate could have spun! As if each moment in their lives, up to this point in time, was destined to be staged as an award-winning memoir.” ~  by Eugene Lovendusky, BROADWAY WORLD

These reviews and much more on the website:

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