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"Bill's Story" as a 7 page PDF formatted file ready for printing.

"Bill's Story" has been translated by some of my wonderful friends!
Into Portuguese by Mariana Maia and into  French by Jérôme Simon. 

There were also translations into Japanese by Yoshinori Arai, into another in Portuguese translation by Daniele Almeida, into German by Jens Lang, and into Spanish by Gary Lynn
but these are no longer online. 

11-17-09 – Responding to the suicides of two more gay youths — a letter to the community. (pdf format)

"Bill Clayton - Not Forgotten!" - Create awareness and support the work I have been doing since Bill's death by purchasing Bill Clayton memorial gear I designed and sell on Thank you! 

Bill Clayton -- a picture album

A different room - First day of school, first grade ~ we warned the teachers about Mister Bill. 
by Alec Clayton ~ Originally published in Mississippi Arts & Letters Nov.-Dec. 1984

Prelude to Bill's Story - Excerpts from my journals

for Bill's 19th Birthday

Father and Son - by Alec Clayton

Too Many Kids Like My Bill - a letter I wrote on January 18, 1997 for the Journeys section of Bridges Across the Divide. "A cyberspace initiative providing models and resources for building respectful relationships among those who disagree about moral issues surrounding homosexuality, bisexuality and gender variance."

SB5167 - I testified at a Washington State Senate Committee on Education hearing on 3/11/97. Here is the bill it was about, and then my testimony. After that there is an article by Lucy Craig from the Cooper Point Journal, the newspaper from The Evergreen State College, here in Olympia.

The Journey from Bill's Story - excerpts from my journal and letters. Posted on 4/27/97

"Silence is where the hate grows" - an article by Iain Clacher, first published by Campaign Australia in September 1997.

Everyday Out - by Gabi Clayton, with Catherine Dawdy (originally published in GayPlace Online in 1997) 

Steve Schalchlin wrote the amazing song "Will It Always be Like This? (Gabi's Song)" which he sang in public for the first time at a national PFLAG conference in Washington DC in 2000 with Alec and I sitting in the audience.

Listen to it here:

Here are the lyrics to  Will It Always be Like This?.
The song is on two of Steve's CDs: The Bonus Round Sessions and Beyond the Light .

New York Show & CD Honor My Late Son - written in 1997 for the PFLAG-Olympia newsletter

A mom finds words to fight anti-gay bill - March 6, 1997 by Lucy Craig, Cooper Point Journal, The Evergreen State College

Mount Saint Helens Letter - by Gabi Clayton 01-27-97

Alec wrote an article about me and Steve Schalchlin and our friends and "Bill's Story" for the September 24-30, 1998 issue of Tacoma City Paper : Living in the Bonus Round -- Music, suicide, healing broken spirits -- life and love on the Internet in the age of AIDS

"The Teen Files" show on hate and prejudice is about my experience doing "Teen Files: The Truth About Hate" - a powerful video on hate and prejudice for a youth audience that was produced by Arnold Shapiro Productions as a 1999 TV special. 

"Window" (above) is a film I made for my final project as a senior film student at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington in 1989. Some brief but important notes were added at the end along with the much shorter original video this film was made from. The boy in it was my son Bill Clayton at age ten.

On June 25, 1999 I was one of the grand marshals for Seattle's Pride Parade/March and Freedom Rally I have my speech posted here.

In September 1999 I was interviewed by David Jackson, "Gay People Have Mothers Who Love Them" for Authenticity 'zine published by The National Institute for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Education (NI). That site is no longer in existence. In February 2000 I wrote "Coping with the Loss of My Son" for NI's Endangered Youth Campaign - A National Suicide Program to Keep GLBT Youth Alive. Now that their website is no longer online I have it on mine. 

Steve Schalchlin released his CD The Bonus Round Sessions in May 2000 with a song on it called "Will It Always Be Like This" which is about Bill and me.  Then in August 2002 he released Beyond the Light which has another version of the song on it. Proceeds of these CDs went to Youth Guardian Services which now no longer exists.  

In October 2001 an article titled "Bill Clayton" by Olivier Björksäter-Bleylock was published in DNA, a national gay magazine in Australia. An interview with me, Bill’s mother Gabi Clayton, was done through email, and was the best one I had ever experienced -- and the most intense.  Olivier asked about some things that were not in Bill's story on my website since 1996. Answering those questions took days and sometimes had me in a puddle of tears.  

It was posted on the DNA website, and I couldn’t find it online anymore. A slightly different version of Olivier's article was published as "Remembering Bill" on Mogenic, an Australian based gay youth webzine and internet community, which is also not online now. Luckily I was able to retrieve the Mogenic version of Olivier’s article from The Wayback Machine, an initiative of the Internet Archive, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Here it is: Bill Clayton by Olivier Björksäter-Bleylock.

 On October 18, 2001 Alec posted Father and Son - a coming out story on his website. 

On tolerance and bigotry - my 3/18/02 response to the article "Pickets protest board's editing of tolerance film - Gay segment deleted by Grossmont Union" in the San Diego (CA) Union-Tribune, March 14, 2002. 

I was included (with a photo) in the sidebar of the article Web of sex education by Greg Wright.  It went out on Gannett News Service's newswire on 9/19/02. Youth Guardian Services was also a part of the article. 

Parents sort through emotions, search for meaning in son's death - by Alec Clayton for the Tacoma News Tribune; April 9th, 2004.

Dodging Puddles – by Noel Clayton (Bill's brother), November 7, 2012.

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