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And I want to thank each of you for taking the time to respond here.
--- Gabi

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Sorry, I couldn't read it all! It is a very sad story that should never have happened.

Jim Dillahunt

I'm speechless. And crying. I think the worst part about your story is that there are people that will continue to justify these types of crimes. Just this summer we had a local man that was beaten by two teens because he was walking near a gay bar. And the news media here played up the fact that the man was a heterosexual. instead of just letting that be a non-factor in the public's opinion. And to anyone that reads this and suffers from the depression that Billy went through please please seek help! I will think of Billy and others that we have lost always.

Dusty Smith

Gabi; I just want to say that your son was brave and incredible. I wish society wasn't so ignorant! Your story has touched my heart in many ways. I send my love to you and your family.

Kristin Cochrane

I am deeply sorry for your loss, and have been greatly touched by your story.

Diane G. Corrigan

Gabi. Thank you so much for sharing Bill's story with the world. Rarely have I been so touched by the plight and suffering of another hunan being and by the outstanding responses you have received. You are to be congratulated and supported for your courage and dedication in trying to make the world a better place.


WARNING from Gabi:

Below are some hate entries that were put here in the guestbook after I did my interview with HateWatch. They are pretty shocking. I have been taking down the hateful responses, but have decided to leave these here so people can see what they are. I first received two e-mails, and have a note about them below. Forgive me if this is hard to read. It is out there and we should know about it.

Thank you for your wonderful support.


what a page!more people supporting homosexuals and more people defying god's words!the bible states that to love the sinner but hate the sin!But the bible states in Leviticus 18:22,20:13
Romans 1,Jude 7:1,Corinthians 6:9,Romans 1:32 about how god feels about the gays!
There he did not take gods words and warnings!dont get mad at me,im only spreading gods words!so if you have a problem with that,you'll have to argue on judgement day!!for god is specific in them scriptures!!!!!!!So your son will suffer eternal damnation!for committing suicide and being a fag!!

For God,Race and Country!

K.K.K. Leviticus 20:13

p.s. try the and see what they say!do not work for the rrights of gays or you are as guilty as they are!

southern cross militant knights

Dear Gabi-
I just want to send you my sympathies for you and your family. I am currently writing a paper on homophobia and hate crimes. With your permission I would like to add part of your son's story into my paper as an example of what acually happens out there. Thank you and I am very sorry for what happened.

Laura Hagen

Laura Hagen

I guess if I was a sodomite I would
be tempted to commit suicide also. Being
a sodomite is the lowest form of human
life there is. Read what God, who created every human being says about
sodomites. The Holy Bible. The Word of
God will last forever.

Rev. Donald Spitz

This site is gay.

Toby Helms

I just read your sons story on October 10, 1997. I feel some weord connection to him not just because I am gay and came out as a youth also but because on the day I accessed the story I also "celebrated" if you will my anniversary. It was on this day In 1994 that I teasted positive for the HIV virus. It outraged me to read that your son was denied as a donor because of his so called "at risk lifestyle". It also outraged me because as a gay youth I did not experience any negative response or at least as much as your son did. I am very sorry for this...your son sounded like an extraordinary person and I would Have been proud to call him FRIEND...actually if it is okay with you I would still like to call him FRIEND. Plse if you have enough time email me and keep me up on your crusade to make "our schools" a better place for everyone. -Rick Franklin Kansas City, Missouri

Rick Franklin

I think it's sad that there are those thousands of narrow minded people who beat people up with God's Word. Instead of getting the message....which in the New Testament ...the Greatest commandment is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul...and the second greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself...... I have to wonder where these "Christians" make the decision that God really has commissioned them to distort His word and to cast judgment on all who do not "fit" within the sinless category. I don't think I've ever seen picket lines around a bunch of aldulterers....or around murderers...or liars...or thieves.....or any other type of "sin" the Bible mentions. When God tells us to is without bias and judgment. Jesus didn't come to earth to be around the religious right....He came to earth to demonstrate His love toward that while we were yet sinners....He died for us. If God waited until we were all perfect....we would all be enjoying the licking flames of hell. Jesus was filled with compassion and love....FOR ALL. As I tell my homophobic friends....put any homosexual next to any upstanding Christian....and discover that God loves them equally!! It's pretty dangerous when we, humans, begin to decide who God loves and who He doesn't. The hate mongers....those that throw the Bible at people....those that take the word "love" out of the scriptures....are nothing. I seem to recall in 1Cor.13 that there are words to that effect....."And if I have the gift of prophecy, and know all mysteries and all knowledge; and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountains, BUT DO NOT HAVE LOVE; I am NOTHING!!"

So....all of you who come here to vent your hateful spleens upon people that God loves as much as He loves you.....remember that God did not make you a judge...and He told you to love. So I guess it's up to you how you decide to interpret the very clear Word of God.....


I'm sorry to say that Bill's story and others like him are the reason I haven't been honest about my sexuality with my family, friends and community. I also think it's scary that "Christians" can be so hateful. What is the point of being a Christian besides loving their Diety, themselves and others. What's even scarier is that the KKK and the bible could be point in the passage earlier in this scrapbook. I would like to thank you Gabi for being strong for the rest of us that fear what other people will think and do to us. Keep up the good work and post some ideas on how to stop the hate in our own communities. Thank you again.


Gabi, you be strong with the realization that nothing anyone says will ever kill your boy's spirit!
God help the mindless souls who submitted the previous trash on this page!

Ben Brunsmann

Bill still "lives" You have seen to it.
Truley a great mother!!! He was a very lucky man , too have known such love.
My sorrow to your family. I didnt know
bill, But I will never forget Him. All
gay men know some of bill's pain. It really hits home. Thanks so much for sharing your your lives with us. God Speed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am sick and tired of these dick sucking anal licking sodomites!i am sick
that i am not doing gods words like he commandeth me to do in Leviticus 20:13!
But i will let god do the sentencing!
For fags and dutch dykes will be suprised were they are going and will be glad to meet their savior who will aloow them to commit these filth,and their savior is SATAN!Because god will not let these abominations into heaven!
There were god fearing christians will
not be subjected to be with these messed up in the head queers!
Repent your ways(Turn or Burn)
No tears for Queers!
Two gay rights Aids&Hell
Read the bibble fairys see what the bible has to say on homosexuality!
I am only trying to save you from eternal damnation!!!!!!!!i am no way associated with the above homepage because in todays society anyone who spreads the word of god is seen as a bigot,racist,or other sayings of fags and liberals!Burn disney land the communist jew owned fag supporting business!



lynch master

Its not homophobia,because i do not fear gays,there is nothing more that i would like than to hit a fag or dyke with a bat!But it is more aidsphobia,because i fear of getting aids from these abominations!There that dyke goes saying that god loves gays as much as he loves
christians!What anus have you been licking?Probably clinton or the jew owner of disney(Michael Eisner).
God hates all workers of iniquity!
And be fearful because god will have the final laugh,and god made us judges only as long we dont judge unrighteously!

Being a fag or dyke is nothing your born with,it is a mental disease!If god wanted gays to reproduce he would have allowed to men to have kids and two women to have kids!therefore it is not love that you have!And yes i love my neighbor,not the type of love you mean,but as follower of jesus!because i love my kids or my next door neighbor,does not mean im gonna have sex with them!Think about it all butch dykes and fags!If your parents were gay,you wouldnt be here right now!Your mom should have been put on the pill!To save us from you all poisoning the minds of our children and our society!!
Ban the dyke show Ellen!!!!

For GOD,Race and Coutry!


My dear Gabi:

What pathetically sick, twisted, demented, loathesome, despicable, immoral, disgusting minds are revealed in the prevous posts in this guestbook.

No god worthy of the name could possibly have given life to this gross obscenity.

We have hear the scream of self-disgust from those festering in a cesspool of hatred and bigotry, fomented by those, driven by avarice and a lust for power, like Fred Phelps, Donald and Michael Wildmon, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Jimmy and Donny Swaggert and the loathsome Sheldon.

It was of those of this stripe that Christ said, "Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves. By their fruits you shall know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns or figs of thistles? ... Depart from me, you who work iniquity. I never knew you."

Together, we will win the battle and the war.

All my love, always and forever.

Persevere, my Valiant Warrior.

Don Kirkpatrick

I have received a lot of viscious hate mail by sodomites. This sexual perverts evidently do not believe I have a right to believe the Holy Bible the Word of God. This is the Word of God that will last forever and that clearly states that sodomites are doomed to eternal conscious torment in the Lake of Fire, unless they turn from their wicked sins and accept and obey the Lord Jesus Christ. So Bill thought he was tormented here on earth? Now he is really being tormented in the Lake of Fire. He will never get out, but will be in conscious burning torment for all eternity. I advise the rest of you sodomites to turn from your wicked sins and beg the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive you.

Rev. Donald Spitz

I don't really know what to say. I am working on a paper about International Hate Crimes and I just stumbled across "Bill's Story". I found it incredibly moving, and I just wanted to say,"I'm sorry."

Suzanne Watson

You should be proud to of had such a remarkable son, I am sure you are.


A message to "Reverend" (!) Donald Spitz:

Hey, Spitz:

You wrote in Gabi Clayton's guestbook:

>I have received a lot of viscious hate mail by sodomites.

"As ye sow, so shall ye reap." You have spewed your hatred and condemnation across the internet. You should not be surprised to have it returned to you manifold.

>This sexual perverts evidently do not believe I have a right to believe the Holy Bible the Word of God.

You have a "right" to believe anything you wish. "There is no fool greater than he who fools himself."

>This is the Word of God that will last forever and that clearly states that sodomites are doomed to eternal conscious torment in the Lake of Fire, unless they turn from their wicked sins and accept and obey the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Word of God also clearly commands that you "Judge not, that ye be not judged." You pick and choose the commandments you will obey, Spitz. Why?

You also are commanded to "Love thy neighbor as thyself." But your every word reveals the hatred, bigory and intolerance which festers in your demented mind and dark heart.

>So Bill thought he was tormented here on earth? Now he is really being tormented in the Lake of Fire. He will never get out, but
will be in conscious burning torment for all eternity.

What gross indecency to say such a thing to a mother who lost an innocent son and a family torn apart by the death of one who was the victim of those who follow your path! You are an abomination in the eyes of every decent human being.

>I advise the rest of you sodomites to turn from your wicked sins and beg the Lord Jesus Christ to forgive you.

We sodomites need no advice from those who work iniquity and are blinded they their own evil.

"And why beholdst thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beat that is in thine own eye? Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, 'Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye;' and behold, a beam is in thine own eye? THOU HYPOCRITE! First cast out the beam out of thine

Jonathan Locke

Sorry it's taken so long to write, but hearing Gabi talk about Bill on "Rikki Lake" the other day gave me the impetus. Bill and I went *way* back--I was the godfather at his christening--but I'd lost touch with the Claytons for over 15 years. I'm sad that I never had the chance to see little Bill grow up, but I'm sadder that I didn't have the chance to help him cope with his newfound sexuality. He'll always have a special place in my heart, and I can only hope that "Bill's Story" and the subsequent messages from gays, lesbians, and their families and friends from around the world will help other teens understand that there's always someone who will listen and love them for who they are.

Tony Adam

Intolerance needs to stop, your story proves this to be true. Why won't people stop the hate?

Josh Benton

I saw one of your posting on PFlag-digest and was surprised to see that you lived to so close to me - in fact until June, I also lived in Lacey. I have sent to PFlag to try and find a local PFlag - no response yet, so maybe you can let me know whn the meetings are, etc. My son is gay, he's 30 and lives in Oly - has lived in Seattle and lived the life. My daughter and I love and support him and would like to do more to show our support. Enjoyed your site - continue to speak - it helps.

Cyndi Lester

There are so many gay lovers out there,
booohhhooo.My son killed himself this place so horrible.This world is not perfect but you think you can justify somebody committing suicide?suicide is not the answer!But right now hes probably sucking satans flaming dick!
Because god will now allow these abominations into heaven!
No Tears for Queers!


Hi everyone. As I mentioned in the warning I added above about the hate entries, I recently also received a couple of hate mails. They were pretty shocking, and my response was to tell friends and share them -- and try to figure out what to do. Steve S. suggested that I send them to the people at Bridges Across the Divide. I did that and the response from them is now up on the web at Gabi's Hate Mail and Terminal Homophobia.

Big {{{{{hugs}}}}}} and thank you's to Maggie, Steve C, Terri, Walter, Bob, Patrick, Candice, Alicia, Chris, John, Gary, Mark! Also to Tom, Sonia, and "miss lady tweakers" who I heard from privately. Thank you all -- your support and responses are wonderful.

Gabi Clayton

Every attack makes us stronger. As horrible as it is to realize that hate is so prevalent and strong, these people isolate themselves by their fervor and lack of compassion and love. People who think will see through that and, if fact, it is because of people like that who espouse hate that an anti-discrimination law was passed in a Republican controlled House in Minnesota and signed by a Republican Governor. One of the Representatives who voted for it is a conservative Lutheran Minister who never believed that Gays were truly targets of hate until he was elected and witnessed first hand what was written and what was done. It turned a "no" vote into a "yes" vote. These people are desparate Gabi because they have lost the ability to love, the ability to focus on the good in others. Their motivation stems from a desire to control others, a desire to "rule" and they do it all in God's name. What they do not realize is that they are very weak and with each attack, they make people of conscience very strong.

Love you,



They say "A little learning is a dangerous thing" and so it is.These people cram a few lines from the bible or Quran and think of themselves as the world's saviours! I think God has many other important things to do other than worrying about who is gay or who is heterosexual, under Him everybody is the same.Hate itself is a crime aginst humanity. Gabi, you have my sincere respects for trying to make this world a better place to live. May Bill be happy wherever he is.

Chandrajit Bhattacharya

Gabi, just wanted to say how sorry I am both for your loss and the hate mail you have received. Whatever one's convictions about homosexuality, the spewing forth of hatred is unwarrented. Those who do so may claim to be Christian, but they miss out on the core requirement. "By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, that you have love one for another."

Take care,

Terri Main

I'm a shocked homosexual.I live in Belgium.Here, the greater part of of the persons think that homosexual = pedophile.Every day I have to suffer of the stupid thing of the other.In our "new tolerant society", where is the respect of the person ? There is racism everywhere.
Congratulations for this page.It's a pity that there is not enough page like this.

Frederic Waleffe

i would just like to say that i stumbled on your page by accident vis a vie another webpage. i think your message it very heartrendering and i am so sorry for waht you have gone through. it must be a great loss to you and the world to lose a special person. like your son, i was lucky to have such special and accepting parents, and have led an easy accepting life, but im sure its a false sense of security. i would just like to say that you and your family are one in a million and that your email has made tugged at my strings


Hi Gabi, Wish I'd seen you on the Rikki Lake Show. Sorry I missed that. Wow, I can't believe the sick people flaming you in your Guestbook. How unsurprising it is though that they can hardly spell. I doubt many of them have read the Bible anyway. They seem to know the scripture quotes, but not what they really mean. The Bible doesn't say homosexual activity is a sin. Anybody who wants to condemn gay folks will have to use some tool other than the Holy Bible to find fuel for their homophobia. The writers of the bible seem very unconcerned with same-sex attraction. Jesus said nothing of it at all! You know, Gabi, according to the Bible, the sin of Sodom was inhospitality to strangers and not taking care of poor people. Jude says that the people of Sodom went after "strange flesh" which often refers to angels. Five commonly used proof-texts which homphophobes use to condemn homosexuality do not even refer to homosexuality itself in the original Hebrew or Greek. Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13, Romans 1:27, 1 Corinthians 6:9, and 1 Timothy 1:10 are talking about male prostitution, men taking the inferior role (subservient female position,) temple prostitution, and origies. The cultish orgies condemned by Paul dealt with both gay and non-gay behavior. So actually, when the hate-mongers visit your page and throw the name, "Sodomite" around they are describing themselves. An actual Sodomite is a person who treats strangers rudely, according to the Bible!
Sorry I rambled on so long, my friend. I think of you often and send up a lot of prayers in your behalf to the throne of our Creator. Love and hugs, Rev. Jim
Stop by to see The Care Page

Rev. Dr. Jim Bilbrey, Ph.D., DD

i would like to thank you for this webpage it is not only moving but it is also going to be the source of a project i do in school on pet peeves in this project i have to represent a problem i have and i was looking up violence and the title of you're page caught my eye i feel this will be on of the best and most moving projects i've ever done and i would like to thank the makers of this webpage.
thank you,
ashleigh wilson

ashleigh wilson

Dear Gabi
I sit here with the tears streaming down my face as I read both Bill's story and the hateful garbage you have recieved. It is appalling to me to read this. I too, almost followed Bill's path and I too was bashed. So I undertstand some of what you have felt. My own coming out process was a long and sometimes painful one, but in the long run, well worth it. I wrote a weekly comlumn for my University Paper a few years back and have some of them at my web address. I would be honoured if you would allow me to put a link from my web home to Bill's Story so I can share this touching story with others. Please let me know via e-mail so I can add the link.
Thank you for sharing this with us all

Chris Rogers-Watson

My dearest Gabi:

Just sent a "thank you and welcome to the family" to Rev. Bilbrey. What a wonderful man!

I'm jumping up and down with excitement and anticipation to see you and Alec this week-end!

Much love always,

Don Kirkpatrick

I cannot believe the this world works.I just happen to be bi- and am very proud or it with a very loving girlfriend.
I am a girl.


Thanks for the page. It all seemed so close to me for many different reasons. I am currently a pediatric nurse on the navajo reservation and openly gay. Since highschool I have worked with children. My hope has always been to promote a safe world for children. For year I worked with children in a group home. At the time I was 19-20 and was not clear on my sexuality. But oh those kids were. they knew me and sawt me out for nonjudgemental help, just a little acceptance (this was Alabama). I would tell people that these children were gay and needed senstive people to help them develope healthy ideas about themselve and their sexuality. It was almost always shrugged off. It was like saying that it was ok for them to be miserable. These children were expected to accept no help. It was just a sick way of condemning them in what was supposed to be a healing/helping environment. Since that time, I have made a point not to lie to children about my sexuality in hopes that they'll see someone safe to confide in, and maybe they do.
I am sorry that your son had to go through such horrible time but commend you on the support you seem to have given him and his brother. I wish for you and your family success and blissful times. I only hope that you live to see a part if not the whole world you are working for. A hate free and safe world.
If your group has needs like letter to send or need contributions feel free to email me. Im not rich but I will certainly help.

Billy Manley

Billy Manley



Gabi, I would first like to say that I am sorry
for the loss of your son at the hands of
ignorance. I truly hope that someone out
there got a message from your story, especeially
the homophobics. I am a heterosexual female
who encounters gay people everyday, those that are openly
gay and those who are still ashamed. I have family
members that go through a daily torture.
I see what it does to them and it tears my
heart how people can be so cruel to their
fellow man.

I am very much considering having a white ribbon campaign here
on my college campus, just to bring awareness to everyone and to
possibly be a "shoulder" of relief for those
who are in the closet.

Again, I would like to say that I am sorry about the
loss of your child but would like to honestly
say that Bill has contributed to something that can
never be taken away---KNOWLEDGE!

Waleisah Wilson

Gabi, I just want to say hello from one grieving mom of a gay son to another. Someday I'll get my Bob's page put together, but until then I will continue to hold him in my heart. And you too. And all the moms and dads out there who've lost their children because of hate, fear, and ignorance. This world is hard, and life's lessons are not always easy, but there is hope to be found in your webpage and in many other memorials I've seen. In my heart I know that people and times will change for the better eventually. All God's creation is good, but it is slow to mature and requires much nurturing. Your page helps this happen. Thanks. May God bless you and your family.


I really enjoyed reading this story it really moved me as I am a struggling young adult myself.

henry nanaimo

Thank you for sharing this. Keep speaking out!

Scott Bourland

As I wipe the tears from my eyes...I can only say "Thank You" and "God Bless You" for sharing!!

Joe Fox

I would like your permission to use some of Bill's story with the groups of people I speak with at the schools at support centers here in San Diego.

I was moved by his story and inspired by your family as a whole. There sould be so many more of you :)

Best Wishes,

Kerrie R Stone

Hi Gabi and THANKS for "Bill's Story"! I
found it thanks to Jason Hungerford and his PFLAG support friend's page - John Lindner! I cried all the way through the story! What a wonderful son you have, still, in your hearts! AND, his brother doesn't sound like such a bad guy, either! :-) What a GREAT family! Treasure them, you are lucky. To ALL who do not believe this could happen to YOU, read the story again!! YOU are in it.

Kevin M. Brown

Dear Gabi, thank you for sharing the story of your son with us. I am touched and appalled in stages. I consider myself fortunate and lucky to have several gay men in my life, most of whom are loved and accepted by their families and communities. However, it is these relationships that have increased my awareness of prejudice and hatred toward homosexuals, and strengthened my resolve to do anything I can to help create "safe places". I manage a youth performing group, and have had three male teens come out to me this year: word is spreading that I am good to talk to. :-) But I am constantly seeking support and advice, because this is new to me, and have much appreciated the stories and resources you have shared on your page.

Thank you.


Melissa Boberick

Hey Gabi,

Just got teh article in the mail, thanks for sending it, I'm going to use it at the next PFLAG panel I do.

I'm so glad you left up the letters full of hate, to show people the ignorance that is out there is also education. I also think that all the hate is written by one person, the tone sounds the same.



Ed "broph" Brophy

I'd like to say that Bill's story has touched my heart deeper than any other page I have read on the internet yet. I live in a very small town, and though I'm not openly bisexual the people here still seem to know. I am constantly abused with horrible comments and threats of physical violence. I'd like to say your son was strong to able to come out like he did. I'd also like to say that you are wonderful parents for accepting him as your son, I only wish mine were equally as accepting.
May the goddess bless you.

Jake Mueller

I was deeply touched by this story. I am bisexual, but lucky enough not to have suffered nearly as much as your son Bill because of it. I have just moved to this country from the UK - Bill's story has, I think, given me the courage to come out on this side of the Altantic (I was always Out and Proud back home). Thank you for sharing his - and your - story, he was lucky to have such wonderful parents.

Eliza Metz

Reading this I feel nothing but sorrow. I just wonder why we have to live in a world of hate. I admire you for telling this story.

Wade M. Pederson

Wade M. Pederson

Bill's story reminds me of a poem I read called "First They Came for the Jews" in the book of Holocaust Poetry by Pastor Niemoller. In it, he writes: "First they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out, because I was not a Jew. Then they came for the Communists, and I did not speak out, because I was not a Communist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out, because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for me..and there was no one speak out for me."


Bill's story reminds me of a poem I read called "First They Came for the Jews" in the book of Holocaust Poetry by Pastor Niemoller. In it, he writes: "First they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out, because I was not a Jew. Then they came for the Communists, and I did not speak out, because I was not a Communist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out, because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for me..and there was no one speak out for me."

Bill was one of my best ever friends and I will always miss him. Thank you for putting this page up.


i dont know what to write....all i can say is that bills story really touched me.....he was a brave guy......

from sweden with love.....Joakim Carlgren

Joakim Carlgren

I read with tears the story of your son, his strength, and you and your families courage to not let it go.

I appreciate your honesty and direct approach to laying the issue of hate where it belongs.....on those who turn a blind eye...on those who condone with silence.

If a positive can come of this tragic event, and I believe there is a positive in all things.....

Your experience will serve for those as eye-openers, heart openers and most importantly...mind openers.

T.L. Parillo

that was a tragic story. i'm sorry that your son died the way he did. i was in tears when i read this story!
i only wish there was some way to bring him back. he seemed like a very nice person, but there is so much ignorance
in the world. i wish you well!

Amber Marchman

that was a tragic story. i'm sorry that your son died the way he did. i was in tears when i read this story!
i only wish there was some way to bring him back. he seemed like a very nice person, but there is so much ignorance
in the world. i wish you well!

Amber Marchman

gabi I am doing some research on gay civil rights for my government class, and I stumbled across "bills story". It really hits home, growing up gay was/is not easy in a society that allows one group use their constitutional rights to deny another theirs. I am greatly disturbed to see some of the ignorant responses here. "kkk=jesus"-what is that about? I wish you the best and my prayers are with your son...I really hope that people can read bills story and see that there is a great lack in applying the 14th amendment to all citizens. "equal protection" good luck to you love always jerry

Jerry kovacs

Thank you!!!!!!

Bruce Clarkson

Thank You!!!

Joe Fox

What a wonderful informative site!
The world will be a better place for it.
Your loss is shared.

Steve & Jimmy

I'm sitting in the computer lab at my university crying. What an amazing young man.

David Simpson

I would just like to express how proud I am that there are parents like you and your husband in this world. Luckily my family has been really great since I came out to them two years ago (I'm 20). Many teenagers, though, not only have to deal with hatred in the community they have to return to it each day either listening in silence as their family berates gays, or deciding to speak up and ultimately get kicked out onto the street.

I have never been physically assaulted for my sexuality, but I have been verbally assualted by a Born Again Christian who caught me alone and began to yell out a slew of bible quotes while telling me that I'm a perversion and that I'm going to hell. I felt very alone at that moment, and ended up breaking down. Me and my girlfriend have also been kicked out of a "straight" bar for making the other patrons uncomfortable because we were acting like every other couple there. And as expected I have to endure the snickering and stares as I walk down the hallway holding my girlfriend's hand. But all in all, it is the support from those who know us that keeps us going with our head held high. I know that you did all that you could do and way more than you were expected to do in regards to dealing with your son's sexuality. I'm sure that he was just as proud of both of you, as you were of him.
I wish you and your husband the best in life.

Lauren Buck
15 Shady Glen
Etobicoke, ON, CANADA
(416) 674-9358

Lauren Buck

bless you, Gabi.


Gabi..Your page..Well there isn't a word to describe thats how good it was..I sat and read it with tears in my eyes...And I wished there were more people out there that were like you...That understood us all..You are one GREAT person..((((((hugs))))))


I usually don't write in guestbooks like this, but this page touched me like no other has before. Even though I did not know your son, I could feel the raw emotion through this webpage. Thank you for trying to spread the word against hate, trying to help other people.


"The greatest support for gay rights comes from the world seeing who its opponents are."

I forget who said that, or something similar. God has a wonderful sense of humour -- He gave these idiots such great "wisdom" but not the knowledge of spelling or the use of a spell-checker.


Hi Gabi, I just visited The Safe Schools project homepage. Had to stop in and tell you how proud I am of you. You should feel proud, too, of the great work you've done. I know that Bill must be very proud, too. Love and hugs,
Jim Bilbrey
---P.S. ---
Where have all the hate-mongers gone? You were getting some pretty wild letters there for a while. Perhaps their rabies got the best of them.

Rev. Dr. Jim Bilbrey, Ph.D., D.D.

I was very shocked to read your heartbreaking story about your son Bill. Although I personally have not been the victim of hate crimes, I do hope to help in the fight by my actions and deed. Thank you for sharing your story.

Carol Gray

The violence and the hate are too widespread. We must begin to love and heal together. Never should the world be forced to lose one of its children because of ignorance. May God grant each of us the wisdom to understand and to overcome. May peace be with you, Bill, and may we all win in the end.

Brandon Hutchison

I would like to say thank you for sharing that story with the world, i know it must of been hard for you to do so, i am 21 and gay and have been through my fair share of homophobic behavour, i guess i wish that one day people will stop being so hatefull and hurtfull and stop hurting so many people, i'm thinking of you and if there is anything i can do please e mail me or look at my college pages


Philip Pearce

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