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      Friday, February 06, 2004  9:40:08 AM
Name: David de Villiers
Location: South Africa
Comments: I for one have been deeply touched by this mother's dedication to her son and to ensuring that his message is spread worldwide to broaden people's perspective on hate crimes in general. Well done Mrs Clayton and keep up the good work.
I hope that anyone who reads this account is touched and moved into actually spreading this story on, so that the world may be a little wiser as to what some animals are capable of and of the destructive force of hate in society.
Good luck with your cause Mrs Clayton. You have the support of me and my entire family.

      Friday, February 06, 2004  12:25:40 AM
Name: Chris
Location: California
Comments: You know this story made me cry for your son. It also made me cry with the pain I used to feel when I was that age, being called those names, chased home from school. Something guided me through. I hope that all who reads your story can see that fear should not rule our lives. I am sorry about your son. My heart is with you. Thank you, Chris

      Thursday, February 05, 2004  4:27:54 PM
Name: Ashley Johnson
Location: Chippewa Falls, Wi
Comments: In Memory Of Bill Clayton:
gabi i feel so bad for what you put up with. nobody should beat people up because of their sexualities. If my son or daughter was bi-sexual i wouldn't love them any less. i would actually be proud of them like you were of your son. please i am so sorry and best wishes!

      Thursday, February 05, 2004  12:16:59 PM
Name: Robert Stensland
Location: Bozeman, montana
Comments: i am sorry to hear about your son.. iam 17 and gay is hard to grow up with hard around you...but i like to think that what doesnt kill u makes u stronger...god bless u and your family...all my love,

      Thursday, February 05, 2004  7:54:48 AM
Name: Adam
Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Comments: Thank you for sharing Bill's story.

      Thursday, February 05, 2004  4:05:04 AM
Name: Katia
Location: Cambridge, MA
Comments: Ms. Clayton,
I was disappointed and a little disheartened to learn that you've copyrighted the material on your webpage. I find it lamentable that anything impedes the free reign of your message.
But of more importance: Your story is touching and beautifully presented well-written -- but so very tragic. I wish you and your loved ones peace, and I hope it soothes you to learn of all the people you help.

      Wednesday, February 04, 2004  8:14:32 AM
Name: Robert Bowers
Location: Atlanta, GA
Comments: Words cannot express the sadness I feel at the loss of Bills life. My deepest sympathey to you and your family, as well as all his friends who suffered his loss.

      Tuesday, February 03, 2004  11:43:32 PM
Name: Jayson
Location: Canada
Comments: I just want to let you know how beautiful it is to read of the love you have for your son. As I write this I wipe a tear from my cheek for your son and all that he had to go through. Your son is blessed to have wonderful parents and family and somewhere - where ever he is he knows this and feels your love. I must say I wish my parents who disowned me and threw me out when I was 16 were as wonderful as you. It is hard to be in the world alone, at times more trying than others, but as you said - we must stand up for what is right and live life in love and be a beacon of light that touches others. Thank you for your courage in sharing and touching me. Even though I have no family, I am glad that I am still here to stand in testament for what is right and to honour those who have fallen like your son to this veil of tears. I am glad that my attempt was not successful - thank you for reaffirming this resolve in me. With peace, love and hope for a better world ... Jays

      Monday, February 02, 2004  9:48:12 AM
Name: jeff Razor
Comments: I am an openly gay high school student that faces alot of what happen to Bill. My princlepals decided to take my off of my presidency for student concil because i am gay, and they see that as a wrong message for the school. I have thought about sucide many times, but don't have the heart to put my parents though the pain you have gone thorough. thanks again Jeff Razor

      Monday, February 02, 2004  4:58:45 AM
Name: Randy
Location: sonora Texas
Comments: Hi ,
Gabi Just wnated to give my New webpage address.

      Saturday, January 31, 2004  7:57:28 PM
Name: DW
E-Mail: deffywootathotmail
Comments: As a bisexual teen, I know exactlly what Bill went though. I have tried to kill my self as well because if it and because of the way I am treated differently. I am lucky enough to have friends that I can go to that understand and care for me and love me because of who I am, not what I am. It's very frightening, going to school everyday wondering if you are going to be beat up today. It hurts to be so unaccepted. I just hope that where he is now, that he is happy.

      Thursday, January 29, 2004  2:08:15 PM
Name: Monica
Location: Michigan
Comments: My heart goes out to you and your family. I share your pain my son is different as well. I dont know if he is gay or not but either way I will love him and support him. But the pain he suffers day in and day out breaks my heart. Why do people have to be so cruel! I have many gay friends and I love them all the same. They are all beautiful people and they must stand tall. God Bless

      Tuesday, January 27, 2004  10:06:14 PM
Name: Christy
Location: TX
Comments: I just want you to know that I am so glad you made it known how you feel. I have at least 4 bisexual friends and I love them all. I also want you to know that they have never been picked on at all that I know of. The world is getting better I know some of the credit is due to this story. Most people at our age (around 13 or 14) aren't even sure of their sexuality yet, and I admire Bill for knowing and telling you. I've always wondered if I'm straight (however you spell it) or bisexual, for me there really is no way of being sure yet, but it doesn't matter. If I was I wouldn't feel stupid or anything I would be proud and feel unique. So again thanks for sharing your story.

      Monday, January 26, 2004  2:47:06 AM
Name: Oscar Trevino
Location: Oakland, CA
Comments: Thank you for sharing Bill's story.

      Sunday, January 25, 2004  6:18:26 PM
Name: Sarah Endres
Location: Arizona
Comments: So sorry for the loss of your son. Such a tradegy. I came acroos your webpage because, I'm doing some reasearch on Gay Adolescent suicide. I am deeply touched by this story and at the sametime outraged. I commend you and your family for supporting this fight. I too will help in the stopping of gay bashing and hate crimes.

      Sunday, January 25, 2004  6:19:27 AM
Name: Percy peterson
Location: Toronto, Canada
Comments: Sorry to hear about your son's death.
There is so much hate and misunderstanding in this world.
Thanks for trying to make the world a more tolerant place.

      Friday, January 23, 2004  2:12:27 AM
Name: Iņaki
Location: Azpeitia 20730 ( Gipuzkoa ) Spain
Comments: Hello Gabi
My name is Iņaki, Iīm a 33 years old gay, with problems to aceppts many things ( non my sexual condition, this is only an agravant ... ) and iīm thinking in commit suicide since my adolescence, with a couple of intents during mi life.
Now, the things are so hard.
I lose my friends, I lose the friend of my soul ( not my lover or partner, Iīm virgin also ... )
I wrote three lettres. One for my family, one for a frind with a few orders and a testament and one so long for my lovely friend David.
David, te most beautiful person in the world, with an enormous heart and full of love, but now, very away from me ...
I need him ...
The time is comming ...
Iīm affraid, very very affraid.
But a feel people like Bill very close to me.
I feel his hand in my hand and the feeling is very warmth ...
Bill is in heaven or in a better place.
Maybe waiting to me ...
Sorry, but I donīt speak english and I havenīt capacited to say all my feelings and my sensations ...
Iīm in psicological treatment, with a medication too. There are people who supports me and say me that love me, but ...
I donīt wanna more. Itīs enough to me.
Iīm busy, tired ...
This is no life.
I donīt known the happines. The joy of life. The love ...
Itīs a sh*t of life.
Only one or two things stopped to me. My mother and David and the " other side ", the world at the end of the tunnel of light ...
What deserves to suicides in the " Other side " ???
The same to the rest of death people ???
This is my big doubt ...
Thanks for listen to me, and sorry ...
Good bye, Gabi

      Tuesday, January 20, 2004  11:55:55 AM
Name: Kristie Thompson
Location: Gulf Breeze, FL
Comments: I am an undergrad student at the university of west florida and will be graduating this spring. i too have struggled with my homosexuality and other people's reaction to my coming out. especially my parents' reaction. they disowned me and dont speak to me even today. my purpose for writing to you is to get some information from you for my final paper. i am in a social work class and we have to write a paper about an issue that we are concerned about. my issue, of course, is growing up gay. i have to present what programs or techniques are being used to deal with this issue. if you could help me i would really appreciate it. if it is okay with you i would also like to use your son's story in my paper some how.

      Friday, January 16, 2004  11:31:20 AM
Name: jimforss
Location: ohio
Comments: i loved the story it is not right that us gays can get beat up over our love for men

      Friday, January 16, 2004  6:52:31 AM
Name: Simon Halliday
Location: Sydney, Australia
Comments: Hi,
I am struggling to help my own teenage son but your story has steeled my resolve.
Thank You.

      Thursday, January 15, 2004  6:02:58 PM
Name: Angela
Location: Dupont Wa
Comments: I cannot begin to tell you how this story touched my heart. As a 36 yr old women it has been tuff for me andmy girlfriend to face some of the hateful things that are said and done to us. God bless you and your family for having the courage to stand by your son. Many gay and lesbian and bisexuals don't have the. I hope that time will help you heal and know that you and your son are an inspiration,,,, sincerely Angela

      Wednesday, January 14, 2004  11:45:24 AM
Name: Kelsey
Location: school
Comments: Hi my name is kelsey and i am researching hate crime and i came across your website. I would just like to say that i am sorry for what has happened to your brother and son. It is horrible for someone to even think about doing that. I think that those kids who assulted your brother and son should have been in jail for longer than they were also the same w/ the man that raped him when he was 14. I hope that you all are doing better. I hope that people that read your website will learn a little more about hate crimes and not choose to be one. I support everyone that is gay and i dont understand why they are so targeted. Thankyou for reading this

      Tuesday, January 13, 2004  10:44:34 PM
Name: Shannon Clayton
Location: Stoughton, Wisconsin
Comments: I cant believe what some people do to others... This should all end! I feel for anyone that has had to go through such hardship. I wish that I could take away the pain that they have to go through! The people that are hurting others should really stop and open there eyes and realize that its wrong and people should have to live in fear. I wish such hatetred would end! I feel for you Bill Clayton!

      Tuesday, January 13, 2004  6:38:58 PM
Name: Brandi Iverson
Location: Douglass, Texas
Comments: My 12 year old brother recently came out. I wasnt quite sure what to think. I think I will be blessed with tolerace and hopefully God will help me understand my brother. Most of us are never blessed with this chance at tolerance and loyalty to our famlies. im deeply sorry for your loss and wanted to thank you for helping me realize that he is my brother and that i love him.

      Tuesday, January 13, 2004  5:55:29 AM
Name: FSE
Location: California USA
Comments: You site is nice, has some very touching stories. I want you to know that he will not be forgotten, its very hard to GBLT in this society, anyways.

      Monday, January 12, 2004  8:36:31 PM
Name: sal perez
Location: NJ/NYC
Comments: dear, dear gabi
i want to satrt by telling you how sorry i am for your loss, and i hope and wish nothing other than a peaceful world also. where we are is not where we need to be! tolerance is like a bad word to many people and religious persicution is still the main problem. your son is nothing less than a saint to me (just for holding on as long as he did) and you are a modern day joan of arc for the LGBT com. i along with friends and a few select family are putting ourselves on the front line for those who are no longer with us and fore those to come
keep the light in sight, and never stop........ for your son, for you, for all of us as a people

      Monday, January 12, 2004  4:11:00 PM
Name: Ric Ramey
Location: Wilsonville, Oregon
Comments: Very nice story, Thanks for sharing it. It really gives me hope that I can find whom i really am. Again, Thanks so much.
Ric Ramey

      Monday, January 12, 2004  10:22:18 AM
Name: Kirille Fulton
Location: Belleville, MI
Comments: Im really touched by your story im doing a projcet for class and i ran across your story. I have a friend who is gay and it really makes me mad when people do things to him because of that and so i wish someday people will learn. Thank you
Kirille Fulton

      Monday, January 12, 2004  3:21:32 AM
Name: Gabi
Location: Germany
Comments: Hello greetings from Germany...Iīve seen your HP itīs greet....
Keep smiling

      Saturday, January 10, 2004  4:03:01 PM
Name: Heather Eichelberger
Location: Longview, Washington
Comments: I just read the story of Bill's suicide. It touched me deep down in my heart. Bill was lucky to have parents that supported his sexuality, if only all of us could have that. It sounded like Bill was a very loved person and had many people there for him, it is so sad what hate can do to people. I am 16 years old and since I was 14 have dealt with the hate that school brings to LGBT youth. Well again that is a very touching story and I am so sorry about your loss. If there is anything I can do please email me. Also, I am the "leader" of our school GSA that has finally been approved I am always looking for new things to try, but it's sometimes hard for me alone to get resources to do so because I am not "out" to my Aunt and Uncle who I live with.
Any help would be appreciated.
With deepest Sympathy,
Heather Eichelberger

      Friday, January 09, 2004  12:48:09 PM
Name: Ed
Location: Texas
Comments: Thank you for this wonderful website. My son tried to commit suicide this week and is still in a crisis center. I don't know whether he's straight or gay, or whether that contributed at all to his situation, but I share your pain and hope to find answers to helping my son and the many children out there who need loving and supporting adults.

      Friday, January 09, 2004  9:49:37 AM
Location: england
Comments: love to allgood people god bless , what a very moving story on Bill , owen x

      Tuesday, January 06, 2004  4:27:50 PM
Name: Jon Shepherd
Location: UK
Thankyou for your tireless dedication. I hope your story inspires me to the same.

      Monday, January 05, 2004  6:29:50 PM
Name: Selena Heartford
Location: USA/Brazil
Comments: I really admire your courage and strength to share Bill's story with the world. I think in doing so, you have and will help alot of people. I am an exchange student from the US to Brazil, and I know what it's like to be treated differently. I am doing a research for school about suicide and homosexuality. I stumbled upon your page, and was completely entrawled with it. Bill's story will help me out a great deal with my assignment, and for that I thank you. I hope you and your family get the justice you deserve. Just keep doing all the wonderful things you're doing, and I'm sure you will. R.I.P Bill . He's your guardian angel now. And I'm sure he is thankful for everything you're doing for him. Keep your faith, it can only get better.

      Sunday, January 04, 2004  2:31:04 PM
Name: Keith
Location: Rugby United Kingdom
Comments: Dear Gabi
I have just read all about Bill,and was so moved that i cried. I am a gay man living in England, and found it very hard growing up. I did not find the strengh to tell my parents i was gay, but wrote them a letter instead.Lucky for me my family are great, as you where with Bill. I feel Bill had so much to give other people, but i am not going to say his life was wasted because it clearly was not. For people like me to read this home page some years on and still be touched by its contents makes me more determined to beat all the hate still out there to wards people like myself and others.
Bill was right we did not choose our future. I have tried to kill myself twice due to depresion, but now i am fine . I now have a partnener of six years and our own house, things are looking good for the future.We must all fight hate be it down to the fact someone is gay,bi, or just the wrong colour.I do hope you get to read this and i wish you hope and happiness for the future. All the very best Regards Keith (now age 40)

      Saturday, January 03, 2004  10:10:37 PM
Name: Michael
Location: Netherlands
Comments: Im a 19 year bisexual boy from the netherlands ...I was very shocked when I read the story .. he will not be fogetten rest in peace mate...

      Saturday, January 03, 2004  4:03:06 PM
Name: Bjorn
Comments: Thank you for sharing the story about your son. I cried reading it realizing the hate against Gay people is so strong still in society.
I myself am a christian Gay man who lives in Sweden, Europe.
So much of the Gay hatred today comes from the far right christian extremist movement in the US. Like the person in your guestbook bellow (Christopher Witmer) who has the nerve to sign your guest book by saying you were bad parents to raise a bisexual boy. That is so disturbing when I feel in my heart you were the best loving and supportive parents to your son.
I and many with me will not just sit and look while the religous extremists kidnap the Bible and word of God and make it a weapon in their own fight for hatred and intolerance in society.
Did you know that you have so many churches in the US who calls them selves christian but preaches nothing but hate (example:
There are organisations getting stronger lately who support human rights only for families living up to the the conventional hetrosexual norms (such as and
These are all in the ambition to create a society less tolerant and thereby more violent. As long as they thrive we will still I am afraid harvest the fruit of their narrow minded hate.
US citizens should be aware of this and fight the new extremist, fundamentalistic right movement who with the support of president Bush is getting stronger by the hour.
Thank you again for letting me take part in the sad story of your son who seemed a great curageous person. I will continue my fight against hate and intolerance with him in my mind!
God bless you and your family!

      Saturday, January 03, 2004  1:25:47 PM
Name: Kimber
Location: Schwenksville, PA
Comments: I am very sorry to hear about this. I found this while looking on a mathew sheppard site. At the age of 12 I am in school. Right now we are doing a report on equality. I chose gay/lesbian/bi-sexual/trans-sexual teens. I was very glad to find this site because it helped my very much. Thank you for sharing your touching story. Im sure he will never be forgotten by anyone who knew him.

      Saturday, December 27, 2003  1:52:49 AM
Name: Christopher Witmer
Location: Japan
Comments: Lawless violence of the sort perpetrated against Bill Clayton is totally indefensible. Such violence is evil and God shall judge it. At the same time, even greater crimes were perpetrated against Bill Clayton by his own parents who failed to teach him to respect and love God and walk in the ways of righteousness. All extramarital sex and all homosexual acts are evil, and the failure of parents to teach their children to love and do what is right before God is a serious sin. My heart goes out to the constant stream of impressionable young people who are being victimized by the society and people around them who condone the deathstyle of sexual immorality. It is a betrayal of one of the greatest trusts in the world, for our children are entrusted to us by God, and we must answer to Him for how we raise them. In the concluding verses of Proverbs chapter 8, Christ, represented by the personified Wisdom, says, "Now therefore, listen to me, my children, for blessed are those who keep my ways. Hear instruction and be wise, and do not disdain it. Blessed is the man who listens to me, watching daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors. For whoever finds me finds life, and obtains favor from the Lord; but he who sins against me wrongs his own soul; all those who hate me love death." I pray that even one reader of these words might, by the grace of God, have ears to hear, and embrace the salvation from sin that Jesus Christ alone can provide. The Church of Jesus Christ, both on earth and in heaven, is full of repentent sinners, including persons who engaged in homosexual acts. THERE IS HOPE FOR CHANGE. "Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you. But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God."

      Monday, December 22, 2003  6:14:34 PM
Name: Adam Petch
Location: York, England
Comments: Thank you for sharing your tragic but wonderful story of your son. I found your site surfing for information on suicide prevention. I lost my partner of 8 years, justin, after he committed suicide in May 2003. He was 31. He too had been attacked and nearly died. My local police accused Justin of inflicting the attack himself because he was Gay. I am now pursuing the Police in England.
Good luck with all your campaigns. Love to your family

      Monday, December 22, 2003  1:58:31 PM
Name: max walsh
Comments: hey gabi~
thanks for including our info on your site!! makes me feel great! it's my first here - got there through seattle cool site.
i hope you are well and the holidays are looking to be warm for you and yours.

      Monday, December 22, 2003  2:17:43 AM
Name: Kat Wood
Location: Riverside, California
Comments: What a wonderful memorial to your Son Bill. God Bless him for trying to live in a world where there are some people willing to do anything to destroy this young mans hopes and dreams, without ever trying to understand what he was inside. A loving, kind and caring Son and friend.
My son took his life at 29 years old on May 1, 2002. He suffered in silence with depression. He loved all people, was the most loving and kind son, any parents could ask for. We were told for years he was just shy and would outgrow it. They were dead wrong, shyness did not take our son, depression did. And the doctor's who could of saved him, never took the time to listen or look for the signs. I wish our son's could of been friends, our John was the kind of person who would make friend of people no one wanted anything to do with. At his funeral, many friends from his high school came and said how very much John made a difference in their life, by never caring what color, if they were gay, straight, bi-sexual, popular or just some new student afraid to meet people. John would be there to say hi, and make everyone feel so very important. I miss him so very much, and try so very hard to understand the WHY's. Your memorial has so touched my heart, and I know how very proud your Bill must be that you will never let his memory die. I have a saying, Forever Missed, Never Forgotten. As long as I keep John's memory alive, he shall live forever.

      Sunday, December 21, 2003  10:48:22 PM
Name: Brian B.
Location: Houston , Texas
Comments: its really sad to hear these awful things that happens. but we all shall remain strong and lift our spirits.

      Saturday, December 20, 2003  1:31:08 PM
Name: Gabi Clayton
Location: Olympia, WA
Comments: This new guestbook was started on 12/20/03. Links to pages with all the past responses to Bill's story are on the page link above. Thank you so much for signing my guestbook.
Love, Gabi


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