Gabi Clayton's Guestbook #27 - From 5/12/00 to 7/8/00
Note: This guestbook reads from the bottom of the page up. -- Gabi

Name: Anonymous
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Time: 2000-07-08 17:33:10
Comments: Jeez, I know it might not mean as much now, but my deepest sympathies to you. I am a high school student myself and am suprised at the amount of people l have met that would do something along the lines of "the assault" and am at a loss for words on the subject of how wrong it is. I constantly refuse hate/stereotypical ideologies from most of my friends/aquaintinces from school and elsewhere and do know how strongly and deeply they exist. I am glad to know that a lot of people have seen this as well and assure you i'll recommend it for everyone i know. The first start to action is knowledge and i will for as long as i live refuse to hate or condone the actions of those who do. Thank you for taking the time to post this and best wishes for you and everyone.

Name: Dana Hinman
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From: Puyallup, WA
Time: 2000-07-08 16:17:07
Comments: I read about your son Bill and was touched, horrified, saddened, and inspired. I cannot imagine anything tougher than being an openly gay teenage male (except of course being a parent losing a child.) I teach as well and we have several openly gay students and I marvel at their courage and their willingness to enlighten those that are still infected with hate. I will say a prayer tonight for Bill and for your family to continue opening the minds of those that discriminate. I saw a bumper sticker recently that Bill would have appreciated, it read: "Dear Lord, Save me from your followers." It is so sad the things people will do and call it Christian. I would say Bill was the most Christian of us all.

Name: Iain Harvey
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From: Edinburgh,Scotland
Time: 2000-07-08 09:30:39
Comments: The World needs many more wonderful people like Bill

Name: Racquel
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From: Maryland Living in GA
Time: 2000-07-06 22:31:08
Comments: I want to tell you how sorry I am to hear what happened also I have used this information for a report I have for school. Thank you for sharing your sons story, I hope it will touch some of those with hatred in there hearts, thank you again and my prayers are with you Racquel

Name: jonbell
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From: england
Time: 2000-07-05 17:55:23
Comments: your story has touched me and my heart goes out to you. I don't understand why we live in such a society but i hope that in the future things will change. you are an inspiration to us all showing so much courage in such a hard situation. x

Name: Amber Rose
Website: Amber's Home Page
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: Michigan
Time: 2000-07-04 17:35:04
Comments: I have never known anyone who committed suicide before. I know it must be unimaginably hard for you to make a web page about your son's sad story for the whole world to see. I, too, am bisexual but i have not come out. I am afraid to because of hate crimes like what happened to Bill. I dont understand why people can't accept others for who they are not who they're not. I wish you the best of luck in the rest of your life. Thank you for sharing your story. -Amber Rose

Name: thomas ames
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: indiana
Time: 2000-07-03 21:35:34
Comments: all fags should and will perish.

Name: Regan Luhrs
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: cavendish, victoria, australia
Time: 2000-07-03 21:01:47
Comments: a very touching and sad story. by reading this i try to understand how you went throgh this situation. you, your family and friends have done very well to cope with this trauma.

Name: 'Artimus Maximus'
Website: SuperDudes
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Hollywood, CA
Time: 2000-07-03 05:26:20
Comments: Dear Claytons: I grew up in Renton, WA (Go Hazen Highlanders). How we would all like to think this sort of atrocity would never happen in our own backyards.... My heart goes out to you and your family. In the wake of Brandon Teena, as well as the Littleton, CO event, we must realize the only thing we can no longer tolerate is intolerance itself. When will we collectively learn to celebrate diversity, rather than condemn others for their differences? My hopes are that with time comes understanding, and with understanding comes peace.... On the day of the assault, Bill and his friends were going to watch some videos. Here's one of my favorite film quotes: "You can't win, Darth. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine." ----- Bill and his message endures.... God bless. --Bryan

Name: Jeremey
Website: facelink site
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From: tennessee
Time: 2000-07-02 23:10:48
Comments: wow. im speechless. your story has really touched me. i am 17 and in almost the same position as your son was in except that im not out to anyone so i dont have to deal with the hate crimes. life is hard when you think you are gay. my family openly hates gays and that makes it worse. reading your story has encouraged me to keep strong and not give in to the world. thank you so much.

Name: Deborah Frichette-Kurecka
Website: introducing me
Referred by: AOL
From: Troy, New York
Time: 2000-07-01 20:10:08
Comments: This was required reading for a course I'm taking in Multi Cultural Policy: The Counselor as a Change Agent, but I must say, I am grateful that you, in your pain, were able to share the unfolding of this incident. Thank you.

Name: Freddy Zeidlitz
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Sweden
Time: 2000-07-01 15:39:38
Comments: I have goen thru it, but 40 years ago. I was lucky to have a nice lover and a nice grandma.

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Time: 2000-07-01 14:13:39

Name: Delgado Valdez Jr.
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Philippines
Time: 2000-06-27 02:52:11
Comments: Dear Gabi and family, I was so touched with Bill's life story and I pray that you may find peace as you continue in your crusade against gays. I know how painful and sad to loss such a wonderful son. His short life has a great purpose to us and let it be a lesson to mankind. God bless. Delgado

Name: Melissa Urban
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Boston Massachusetts
Time: 2000-06-26 13:59:15
Comments: I will pray for you and your family! I will also pray for those who hate out of fear! To Bill: You are Missed, you are Loved, and you will never be Forgotten... PEACE.

Name: A Good Friend
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 2000-06-23 17:17:41
Comments: Hello, my Valiant Warrior! I was surfing the net and wanted to stop in and say "hello." My best to Alec, Noel and Catherine. Love you, Don K.

Name: Noel Dabdub
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Miami
Time: 2000-06-22 20:32:20
Comments: This story is very sad. I believe in your fight for equality and I too hope that one day we can be judged on who we are and not what we are deemed by society to be. Good luck on your crusade.

Name: Ann Armstrong
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Columbus, OH
Time: 2000-06-22 11:00:00
Comments: I can not imagine what you and your family/community has gone through. You have portrayed an incredible story to the world. The friend who told me about this page is also a bisexual. If what happened to your son happened to him I don't know what I would do. My boyfriend an I read your story, and it brought a tear to our eyes. Not just because it ends sadly, but also because of your dedication to your child and his cause. I commend you for keeping his memory in everyone's hearts, and thank you for sharing your story.

Name: Colin
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Dublin, Ireland
Time: 2000-06-22 06:22:30
Comments: Dear Gabi When I read Bill's story I couldn't stop the tears, I couldn't stop the anger welling up inside me. When will the people of this planet learn that we are all one. That hate based on sexuality, religion, race or anything is so futile.I am so sorry for what Bill went through and wish he could've had the hindsight or the benefit of life experience to realise that he could find happiness and acceptance.I admire your courage and obvious deepfelt love and can only hope that sometime this kind of tragedy will become a thing of the past.

Name: Almeda M. Thibodeau
Referred by: From a Friend
From: O'Leary, PEI Canada
Time: 2000-06-21 15:48:38
Comments: I also have lost my son by suicide on March 20, 1999. He was living in Calgary at the time, the other side of Canada. He had been gone from home for over two years. I wasn't there to help. Joshua was almost 22 years old. He could not face the world has it was. Your story touched me and I support your efforts in stopping this hatred that people has of others, not like them.

Name: Ryan Traon
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: United States
Time: 2000-06-19 13:09:58
Comments: Wow. What a beautiful site, what a touching story. It is interesting that the very groups that profess their belief in love for all mankind cannot tolerate alternate views or perspectives. I am probably homosexual; I have only begun sorting out the conflicts of interest that reside in my head. I have also attempted suicide many times for various reasons - and it is comforting to know that I, and we, are not alone. Thank you for your courage, the valiance you possess in standing forth for what is true.

Name: michael p buckley
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 2000-06-16 11:06:54
Comments: I am so sorry about your loss but thank you for sharing it. I would like to know how I can help with the cause against hate crimes.

Name: Brian Cordova:-)
Website: Rainbow Miracle Sharing Circle
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Dallas,TX
Time: 2000-06-15 18:40:58
Comments: Thank you for your love. Your miracles are touching more lives than you will ever know. Stay strong in blessings and know that you never walk alone. Love, Brian:-)

Name: Gabi
Website: Lyricpage
Referred by: Net Search
From: Germany/NRW
Time: 2000-06-14 14:31:03
Comments: Hi Gabi, found your nice page and now Im thoughtful! Regards from germany Gabi :-)

Name: Michelle Preston
Referred by: AOL
From: Kansas
Time: 2000-06-13 23:54:40
Comments: You appear to be a very courageous and strong family. It is good to have someone, especially family, to support you in minor as well as complex situations. May the Lord continue to bind you and your family together. Much Prayer, Michelle

Name: Krycek
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: Brazil
Time: 2000-06-12 14:01:55
Comments: Bill was a very cute boy that didn't desirve to suffer those horrables abuses. I'm 16 years old, I live in a very dangerous country and the worse thing is that you can't find partners or any gayteens, sometimes I feel very lonely and depressed. But life goes on. This page is very important because it shows how strong gay youth has to be.

Name: Ray Shurtz
Referred by: Tripod
From: Largo, Fla.
Time: 2000-06-11 16:39:47
Comments: GREETINGS! fIRST, I would like to THANK Bill for opening feelings I've been putting on the back burner. I (Ray) come to terms with myself 3yrs. ago. After a 10yr. marriage & a 5yr.old boy I could no longer go on. When I bought a book last week "friends & family" by Dan Woog I could not put it down! And that is VERY unusual for me HA-HA!! If it wasn't for my son & my FAITH I know I would have not been able to go through ALL the PAIN for myself and the PAIN my family would be getting into!! Now 3yrs. & a wonderful partner, I have discovered for the first time in 40yrs what LOVE really is between to people who physically feel for each other. But for some time now I hunger for more! I feel there is more to my life, meaning others who are afraid and take wrong paths to venture down. Do you have any advise? Thank-you SO much for wakening me up! Your friend, Ray (Largo, Fla.)

Name: JOE
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Malibu, California
Time: 2000-06-09 09:04:27
Comments: That was just incredible. I was numb, angered, saddened, yet inspired by your son's story. As an actor in Hollywood, I am constantly reminded of how much further this world needs to go, in order to combat the hatred that is so pervasive. Bill will now be on my mind, often. God bless you and your family. You are an amazing woman, and the white light in Bill's life. It is remarkable to me that despite you and your family's undying love and support of Bill, the evil that persists in this world shattered your protective coat of love, and poisoned his soul in the end. I will never forget your story.

Name: Renee
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: Lake Orion, MI
Time: 2000-06-08 20:37:53
Comments: It is atrocious that crimes against ANYONE are still being committed. Today, our rainbow flag was torn up, vandalized, and placed on a window of the school with the words "All fags die and burn in hell" scrawled in black letters on it. The persons responsible were caught, and thankfully not many people saw the flag there, but it was a defeating sight to behold. NO ONE should be forced to endure that type of harassment, regardless of what their differences may be. Bill's story will be told in school tomorrow, by myself and other members of our school's Gay-Straight Alliance.

Name: Laura
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: California
Time: 2000-06-08 16:41:57
Comments: As a gay (lesbian) youth in San Diego I find Bill's story heart breaking. There once was a time that I myself have tried to comit scuiside because of my sexual orientation. Since then I have got in touch with a local Gay and Lesbian community Center and have been apart of youth programs. I congradulate Bill for being as strong as he could be in those situations. I believe that homophobia has to end satrting with the youth of today. If high school students learn to be accepting than they will become accepting college students, and than accepting adults, and so on and so forth. But unfortunatly in this world that has not happened yet. If there are any gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender youth who want to write and talk...I'm a good listener. Goddess love Laura

Name: Erica Delmore
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Massachusetts
Time: 2000-06-08 11:48:17
Comments: The story of your son, Bill, touched me. Being Jewish, I too have experienced racism and hate. My cousin, too whom I am very close, is gay. At first I was the only family member that he felt he could turn to. Finally his parents have accepted him, and his life partner. It made me so sad to know that Bill thought that he had no other way out. My thoughts and prayers ar with you and your family.

Name: Gerrilyn
Referred by: AOL
From: Boston,MA
Time: 2000-06-07 20:35:03
Comments: This was a great and touching story Gabi. I really did like it. I have a few gay friends and know people who do agree with people who are gay/bi-sexual. But, I do know one thing I have no problem with spreading your words to friends. I cried when I read your story. I know your son is very close to you now and he's looking down at you and seeing the story you wrote about him and seeing all the people his story touches. I hope that your story can help us all to become a better person.

Name: christian-jay
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: wisconsin
Time: 2000-06-07 18:36:44
Comments: it was a touching story of a young man's life and death.

Name: Wendy
Website: The Bereavement Journey
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Canada
Time: 2000-06-06 20:32:47
Comments: I am deeply touched and troubled by Bill's story. We all have lost a precious child to hatred. I am so very sorry for your loss. We would like to present you with The Bereavement Journey Web Site Award. Please email us if you accept. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Name: Carlos A. Aranda
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: Milwaukee
Time: 2000-06-05 21:59:58
Comments: It is time to pray for Justice. Let all go Back to Jesus Christ who is the true way and the real life.

Name: from Guyana
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From: Guyana
Time: 2000-06-05 16:00:11
Comments: This is an amazing site. I hope that other glbt teens will know that there are people who love them, and that they can fight the hatred. Well done to you for being proud, and for giving others hope and for working against the hate. One day, I hope to have the same courage.

Name: Tristan-Paul Hand
Website: Queen of Hearts
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Warren, Ohio
Time: 2000-06-04 12:09:09
Comments: I own a gay tavern, tho we pride ourselves to being inclusive not exclusive, in a small mid-west city. Our hearts and prayers are with you as the fight against intolerance and hate goes on for all of us. As the Ghost of Christmas Present told Scrooge when he showed him the two young chldren hanging to his legs..."the boy is ignorance, and the girl is want. Beware the boy." Ignorance MUST BE combated, where-ever it is found. God Bless. Tristan Hand

Name: Gary
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Thailand
Time: 2000-06-04 06:25:14
Comments: Hi Gabi, Bill's story touches me tremendously. I think we all could learn from his story. You endeveour to eliminate hate clime also impresses me. I hope some day our dream will come true. Love, Gary

Name: Tierra
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Time: 2000-06-03 14:25:33
Comments: My heart crys out for you and your family.I know your in alot of pain right now and even the I don't know how you feel but my friend is going threw something of the same thing but she hasn't felled in depression.She has told everybody about her sexualiality and it seems like I'm the only friend she has now.So me and her hope you have happier days to come to you.

Name: Darren K. romitti
Website: Darren's Page
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Tuolumne, CA
Time: 2000-06-03 02:07:36
Comments: Hello to the Clayton family and everyone else who reads this! I am a 28 year old gay man and have had to struggle all through my life with this same type of hate and violence that ultimately killed Bill. My greatest Love and honor goes out to you and Bill for being so courages!:) I am trying my best and will always do my best, to stop this hate and violence that is plaging our world. I have taken up the tourch to support those who have been hurt and to stop the hate and violence with Love! Love is the Greatest and I wish that for Bill, his family and everyone else out there who is reading this!:) And, to those who still hate, I only fight with Love, because Love Conquers All!!!! All my Best and Love! Darren K. Romitti.

Name: Elizabeth Fields
Referred by: AngelFire
From: Pennsylvania
Time: 2000-06-01 20:36:37
Comments: thank you for sharing your story. your son sounds like he was a very brave and courageous person. i fear hate crimes but the only way not to is to change the world.

Name: Louis De Luca
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
Time: 2000-06-01 20:34:48
Comments: It is truly beautiful to see that the hate that tore your son's life apart has not affected your look on humanity, you truly are an open hearted person.

Name: Scott
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: North Carolina
Time: 2000-06-01 08:54:37
Comments: A lovley cite creates by a caring mother. I am still moved as I write this to you. If there is one thing that frightens me about being openly gay, it is hate crime. There is nothing more horrid and disturbing than a crime committed from someone else's hatred. I hope things in your life are doing well, as well as possible, and I just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me to fight harder for my, and every other lbgt person in this world. You've done well.

Name: Michelle Maloney
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Ottawa, Canada
Time: 2000-06-01 06:58:49
Comments: My heart goes out to you.. I can only imagine the pain that your son and family must have endured. I admire the stength and courage it took to share this story with others. Bill is an inspiration and this story has affected me deeply. All the best. Sincerely, Michelle Maloney

Name: DonavanJones
Referred by: Geocities
From: Phoenix,AZ
Time: 2000-05-30 21:06:13
Comments: I feel vary sad in reguards of "Bill's" story.I just wanted to say your posting moved me deeply and you should be vary proud of being the parent then you are!!I'm sure Bill is missed vary much and will be rememberd by many in the gay& bi community.

Name: Krista Marie Cookingham
Referred by: AOL
From: Dover Plains, NY
Time: 2000-05-30 09:07:37
Comments: Thank you so much.

Name: Divya Srinivasan
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: India
Time: 2000-05-30 02:44:09
Comments: i was totally shocked when I read about Bill. Why cant people accept others as they are? We have reached out into space and walked on the moon yet some humans cant accept a 17 year old kid who wants to stand up for what he believes in.

Name: Derek Biehler
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: South Africa
Time: 2000-05-30 02:03:21
Comments: Hi. I came into this site, by selecting the lyrics from Steve's Page for Gabi's Song. I'm not sure how to say what I'd like to.... just that I've been there, I was 14. I understand what it's all about - and a part of me broke and cried today reading this page wishing that more people were out there to help when help is really needed. Go with God on your path - and know that you are doing something absolutely essential and critical to peoples lives, and it is fantastic, and it is beautiful. Thank you.

Name: nathan
Website: My Lair in Darkness
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Everett,WA
Time: 2000-05-30 01:15:29
Comments: great site,i was on the verge of suicide because of the horrors i have gone through,but you have given me hope.thanks a whole lot,you don't know how much this means to me.i'll be talking to you soon,i hope

Name: Cindy
Referred by: AOL
From: Chattanooga Tennessee
Time: 2000-05-30 00:57:42

Name: Scott
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: North Carolina
Time: 2000-05-29 12:14:33
Comments: That is some story to just come out and tell to the whole world. Thank you so much for sharing this with me and all the others who have read this. I cried throughout the whole site,for I went through alot of what your son did. I was also raped at the age of 15 by a gay male that was 32. I also became overwealmingly depressed, but took my depression out on cocaine. Your son in my mind will always be remembered, this story is so tragic yet memorable for those of us who go on day to day with such discrimination. Once again, thank you so much for this story!

Name: Haley January
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: San Jose, California
Time: 2000-05-28 17:22:14
Comments: Thank you for having the courage to share your touching story. I search for stories like this one every week to read to the club I started at my high school, a Gay/Straight Alliance. Take comfort in the fact that your son's tragic death has changed the hearts of many homophobic students at my high school. God bless.

Name: jon singleton
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Perth [State of Homophobia] Western Australia
Time: 2000-05-27 01:29:08
Comments: Hi Chookahs... I'm a 32 year old gay male living in a State and Country where if you attempt to actually fight against Government sanctioned homophobia you get kicked to the ground like a mad daaaaawg... Not only do the authorities try to shut you up, but intergenerational homophobia has a way of keeping you silent! Take care

Name: John E Adams
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Canton, Michigan
Time: 2000-05-26 12:58:43
Comments: Both stories are heart-touching. I feel for your loss and also admire Bill. I am sure it was just too much for him to accept at that particular time.

Name: Debby
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: uk
Time: 2000-05-26 02:46:25
Comments: Im soo sorry about your loss, i have recently just come out and luckily for me everyone i know is fine, so have faith not everyone has to suffer. The only problem i do have is that my girl friends mother doesnt approve of me and says that she wont ever except me - so my g/f has to lead two seperate lives which can be hard for both of us, but our love for each other is strong enough to ride through any walls put in our way. Please be strong for each other. Love Debby

Name: tatiana
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: seattle
Time: 2000-05-23 18:32:51
Comments: This story has really made me think. This happens all around and still people find being gay to be wrong. I think that Bill's story is one that will and has touch many people.

Name: Alberto Pérez de Torres
Website: My personal web site
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Madrid, Spain
Time: 2000-05-23 12:54:41
Comments: I would like to say thank you very much for share your story with us. I'm 20 years old and have lived something like Bill's story. If you need help, please just let me know. Love, Alberto

Name: Eric
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: NYC
Time: 2000-05-22 21:39:27
Comments: I am so sorry.

Name: Mike Curtis
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Time: 2000-05-22 14:14:21
Comments: As, I am sitting here, reading "Bill's Story", with tears in my eyes, I realize that there are people out there, who in fact do love people such as Bill, and myself. You see, I am a closeted bisexual, and am afraid to tell people, for fear of their reaction. As you have shown, it is not always a good one. I am afaid that I will fall into the same depression that Bill did. My parents are very homophobic, and it scares me to think of what they will say if they ever do find out about my sexuality. Well, I am just writing to thank you very much for this eye opening article, it really makes me think about myself in a whole new perspective. Sincerely Mike Curtis

Name: Tori Glenn
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Va.Beach
Time: 2000-05-21 11:47:37
Comments: Sorry for your loss,but if we all work together we can make these things stop!

Name: Katrina
Referred by: AOL
From: New Castle, PA
Time: 2000-05-20 19:43:05
Comments: I am doing a research paper on how homophobia affects gay teens, and I was getting sick of doing research, and then I surfed on in here figuring it would be another stupid page that wouldn't help me out any. Not only did I get some information for my paper, but it made me think again about how special people are. One of my best friends is gay, and I love him to death, and I don't understand how anyone could hate another person because of who they're attracted to. It just makes absolutely no sense to me at all. Thank you for sharing your story.

Name: Terra
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Virginia
Time: 2000-05-20 17:55:53
Comments: I came online tonight in the hopes of finding stories that are somewhat like my own. I figured that if I can read about other people who have lost someone to suicide, then maybe I won't feel so alone. On April 6 of this year, I lost someone to suicide. He was a day older then me. He was 16. I was the last one to see him and I don't think I'll ever fully be over it. I read your acount with suicide and it touched me deeply. I don't really know exactly why I'm writing all this, but I basically just wanted to say that my thoughts are with you.

Name: Antoinette Wright
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Time: 2000-05-19 09:50:37

Name: Kris
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Pacifica, CA
Time: 2000-05-18 19:25:43
Comments: Hi Gabi - Wanted to visit the website again. Hope you are well. Keep on keeping on, as my mom says. I enjoyed our dinner in SF many moons ago. Bye for now, Kris (Gabe's Mom)

Name: Millie Sieber
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Cleveland, TN
Time: 2000-05-18 05:58:37
Comments: We sat together at breakfast in DC one morning. I want to thank you and Alec for your sharing both at PFLAG National Conference and on this page! Your story has made me more outspoken and active in our cause.

Name: Jaye Jordan
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Cairns, Australia
Time: 2000-05-16 18:27:00
Comments: Your story is something that will always stick in my mind. After searching for Olympia, your site was included and I felt I had to read it. I would like to congratulate you on having the courage to open your heart to the rest of the world and tell your story.

Name: Nancy Spangler
Referred by: From a Friend
From: San Francisco
Time: 2000-05-16 00:21:32
Comments: I am the mother of two boys (ages 10 and 12). My heart aches for you and your family. I am the computer instructor at a public elementary school. This is our 3rd year of recognizing gay pride day. We had a school wide assembly with music and speakers. It hasn't been an easy road but we must do it for our children. I am committed to making our children feel safe and respected. The loss of your son, Bill, is a tragedy. I will honor him with the continuing work I do to make it safe for all our children. Nancy Spangler

Name: Joanie Sciba
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Muskegon, MI
Time: 2000-05-15 16:08:49
Comments: Thank you for sharing Bill's story. Unfortunately, too many of us live in fear of Bill's story being "Our Story". I have to be careful that I don't call my partner "Honey" in the grocery store. We can't hold hands without fear of being bashed. We can't give a hug on greeting each other for fear of being bashed. The list goes on. . .

Name: Corey D. Shepherd
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: Tennessee
Time: 2000-05-15 15:53:01
Comments: Although I do not personally agree with the belief or practice of bisexuality or homosexuality, I do know that it is the decision of the individual and it is NOT okay to harass them about it. I think what your son did was very brave in telling you. Most would let it foster inside of them. I read the story and it is very touching. I just thought I would let you know that while I don't agree with that practice , I do not believe hate crimes such as these should tolerated.
Corey D. Shepherd

Name: Paddy
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Belfast, Ireland
Time: 2000-05-15 15:08:08
Comments: Hi I just stumbled across ur page by chance and was i glad i did. I've had to deal with my sexuality later in life than bill. Im 25, gay and have only told one person. I've tried committing suicide twice in this past year - now i will no longer. One thing in the story will stick with me "This is not my choice. This is not forced upon me. This just is." This gives me hope thank you Paddy

Name: Molly Evans
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: Iowa
Time: 2000-05-15 09:10:20
Comments: I am doing a project in Language class about prejudice. I went to this sight and found that your son was killed for being gay. That is just not right and I am verb sorry for that. He seemed like a great guy. If you want to you can e-mail me back. Sorry, Molly Evans

Name: Lynsey
Referred by: Clicked on our Banner Advertisement
From: North East UK
Time: 2000-05-15 05:25:45
Comments: I am so sorry for your loss. It seems that growing up gay in 'The Land of the Free' is a painful and often degrading experience, which all too often drives young gay people into taking their lives. It is good to see that at least Bill had support from his family and friends before he died, unlike many others. Peace and Best wishes to you all.

Name: John Patrick Day
Website: Stop Hate 2000
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Time: 2000-05-14 12:28:55
Comments: Gabi, this is one of the more difficult days for a parent. Still thinking of you and yours.

Name: Darren Osborne
Referred by: NewsGroups
From: England
Time: 2000-05-14 11:33:29
Comments: I have been unable to read the hole of Bills story as I fined it to hard to do so. It is truly tragic.

Name: Craig Winson
Referred by: From a Friend
From: England
Time: 2000-05-14 11:03:13
Comments: Hello Gabi. I'm in tears why writing this to you.I've emailed you once, but this is just to make a perminent mark. Still i am deeply distressed about what happened to your "king, loving" son. You are always in my thoughts and my heart. The fact that a person could do that to another human being is so hard to understand. I guess that we have to accept that not everyone in society, white, black, asians etc will every be fully accepted, yet. We have to unite and join forces, hoping that if enough of us get together we can make an impact on people and hopefully make them see the light that is understanding. I'm gay,17, and also have experinced homophobia, violence and painful physical abuse. To people reading this, if you see someone getting hurt, it is up to you to make a stand, and say 'that is wrong'. Only by doing this can we change the way in which society is run. No one, that is NO one, any race, sexual orientation etc, deserves to have there life destroyed by people who are just to narrow minded to see soceity as a whole. Not one person in scoiety has the right to rule over anyone else and say that they are 'different'. I hope people reading this will next time stand up for themselves and others, by saying that no matter what, we are not going to go away. There are are lost of people in society, if you hurt one of us you hurt us all. Take care Gabi. You will always be in my thoughts,heart and prayers.

Name: Elizabeth Waite
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Cincinnati
Time: 2000-05-14 09:29:23
Comments: My husband is struggling with issues of sexual orientation. We don't think he is gay because we have such a good sexual relationship, but he is bisexual, and we are just now trying to figure out what that means to our 16 year marriage. I read your story about your son..the tears are still glistening on my cheeks. I am trying very hard to be understanding. Any advice? Betty

Name: Matthew Wilson
Website: Matthew Wilson's page against Hate
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Pueblo CO
Time: 2000-05-14 01:09:13
Comments: Gabi, I wanted to write and wish you happy Mother's Day. I am sure that Billy is in heaven right now wishing you the same. Please understand that Billy, and others like him will always live in my heart. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY. Love, Matthew J Wilson STOP THE HATE!

Name: Tom
Referred by: From a Friend
From: Canada
Time: 2000-05-13 22:19:44
Comments: great site, but it was hard to read thu all the tears. I have lost a friend to suicide because he wasa gay, and another is currently in the phsyc ward recovering from a failed attempt. thank you for sharing your story with the world tom

Name: dan l thornton
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: Missouri
Time: 2000-05-13 20:46:15
Comments: My deepest sympathies extended to you and your families. I am an openly gay man in a small town and have to tolerate verbal abuse each and every day. I pray that some day it will change!

Name: Helen
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Brandeis University
Time: 2000-05-13 20:19:31
Comments: Thank you, for sharing all of this, putting this on the webpage. My utmost sympathy to you and your loved ones. I am 19 years old and openly gay, and I assure you that your words mean a great deal, have touched me, as have those words by your son...Thank you, again. -HDL

Name: Dan Wilcox
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: Long Beach CA.
Time: 2000-05-12 15:16:55
Comments: My deepest sympathy goes out to you and your family. Such a terrible loss and tragedy. I'll pray for Bill and for you. My eyes are full of tears. May God bless you and yours. Dan

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