One small warning: Some of the responses to "Bill's Story" may contain words which are considered offensive to some people. The strong language comes from strong feelings, and in the context of what the writers are saying, I believe it is important. --- Gabi Clayton

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Subject: guestbook post (11/18/97 - 2/25/98)


Gabi Clayton,


Hi my name is Dave, and recently I ran across this message, during a random yahoo search, I had posted almost 4 years ago:


11/18/97 - 2/25/98


Bill's story is very sad but it makes me even sadder to know that he was gay. He was a great person but lacking one thing-Jesus Christ. I hope that everyone sees this (gay or straight) and turns to Christ, for he is the only answer to eternal happiness.


Leviticus 18:22


I must say how disgusted I was at my ignorance then. At that time I was not a Christian, but an ignorant kid who thought he knew it all. Through these past years, I have NOW come to know the Lord through my own pains of

losing close ones. It has been a constant search, and I have grown immensely into, what I feel, is a mature Man of Faith.


First, I want to ask for your forgiveness, for any hurt or pain I caused you for my heartless comments. I now understand that this type of behavior breeds nothing but hate and separation. I truly am sorry.


I have come to realize that your son was a great and inspirational man, who deserved nothing but the utmost respect. He was honest and brave, and for that, should gain favor...not condemnation. It seems your son

fell victim to an intolerant and prejudicial society. One that is growing, and one that I was a part of.


I now have stepped away from that type of elitest/intolerant lifestyle, and have turned towards Christ. The Christ that accepts everyone, and looks into the hearts of peoples' motivations. The Christ that respects everyone and

every difference.


I want to ask that, if at all possible, you could somehow remove my comments and name. I fear that people may run across it, and get the wrong idea of where I am in my life now. As a representitive of Christ, this

is the exact opposite of my feelings and motivations now.


If at all possible, I would greatly appreciate your grace, and again, I truly am sorry.





Note from Gabi -- I took down Dave's original post, and asked him if he would allow me to post this instead, which he gave me permission to do. Thank you Dave -- for your apology and for allowing me to share this. 

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