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Seeing good friends and TLS at the Laguna Playhouse...

Steve Schalchlin 9/21/98

Gabi Clayton and Bob Stillman 9/21/98

We were having fun -- really! :-)
What expressions!
Gabi Clayton and Bob Stillman 9/21/98

Ronda Espy and Michael Alden 9/22/98

Love the hands!
Michael Alden and Jimmy Brochu 9/22/98

Jimmy Brochu with a dazed Joey Traywick. Don Kirkpatrick in the back. 9/22/98

Joey Traywick, Gabi Clayton and Alec Clayton 9/22/98
On our way down to L.A., Alec and I ate lunch at "Buddy's Diner" in Eugene Oregon. And the special of the day was "Help Me, Rhonda!". Couldn't pass up on the cap -- black and white checked brim and "Buddy's Diner" -- under a rainbow! We presented it to Joey after the show.

left to right -- back: P.M. Howard, Jim Brochu, Michele Mais, Don Kirkpatrick,
Amy Coleman, Steve Kirkpatrick, and Gabi Clayton.
front: Joel Traywick and Bob Stillman 9/22/98
Hey, where is Steve?! Oh, yeah, he was directing! ;-)

Alec Clayton, Steve Schalchlin, Jimmy Brochu, and Gabi Clayton 9/23/98

Steve Schalchlin and Gabi Clayton 9/23/98

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