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This website is here for one simple reason - 
to honor
Steve Schalchlin and his music.


Steve Schalchlin - on his 2006 birthday - Oct. 4, 2006.
Photo by Bev Sykes

Steve wrote the lyrics and music 
and his partner
Jim Brochu wrote the books
for these incredible musicals


  The Last Session  


The Big Voice:
God or Merman?


And don't miss The Big Voice Video Diaries
from the Off-Broadway production that opened on November 30, 2006
at The Actor's Temple Theatre
, New York City.


Here are press materials/pictures from the Omaha production 
of The Big Voice
which includes great high definition pictures 


Steve's partner


nominated for three L.A. STAGE OVATION AWARDS

  • Best Play

  • Best World Premiere Play

  • Lead Actor in a Play - Jim Brochu


Steve has also released these great CDs:

Steve wrote the amazing song "Will It Always be Like This? (Gabi's Song)" which he sang in public for the first time at a national PFLAG conference in Washington DC in 2000 with Alec and I sitting in the audience. Here are the Will It Always be Like This? lyrics. The song is on two of Steve's CDs: The Bonus Round Sessions and Beyond the Light

For information and to order all available CDs go to

The money raised from the sale of his CDs goes to support Youth Guardian Services.

12/1/02 -- note from Steve:

"I'm thrilled to announce that the superb Dallas production of TLS has released a cast album of their own. Release date: Dec. 5th. Order them from their website -- This is very exciting for me because this will only be the SECOND full cast album recorded of our show."

If you somehow found this web page without knowing much about Steve and you want more information, 
read his online diary:
Living in the Bonusround
The Somewhat Famous Online Diary

of Steve Schalchlin,
a Songwriter Living with AIDS.

Now Steve blogs at
Living In The Bonus Round:
Where time speeds up and the prizes are better


Visit The Stevie Schalchlin Photo Album! Photos of Steve growing up -- provided by a relative who shall remain un-named. :-)

See Gabi's pictures from her trip to see TLS at the Laguna Playhouse September 1998!

Alec wrote an article about me and Steve Schalchlin and our friends and "Bill's Story" for the September 24-30, 1998 issue of Tacoma City Paper : SURVIVORS: Living in the Bonus Round -- Music, suicide, healing broken spirits -- life and love on the Internet in the age of AIDS

We can gush a bit. It may seem silly...
but this is, after all, a fan club!

We are some of the people who are lucky enough to call Steve our friend,
and some of the people who love his songs:
  • Gabi Clayton
  • Linda George
  • Emily George
  • Tracey Thornton
  • Shawn Decker
  • Kate Leahy
  • Adam Derrick
  • Nicky Derrick
  • Linda Leahy
  • Rob Leahy
  • Randy B. Kilbourn
  • Ronda Espy
  • Lizzy Schalchlin
  • Kerry Russ
  • Christine Edgar
  • Julie Askins
  • Kelly Gillespie
  • Pat Belanger
  • Forest Godsey
  • Betsy McNutt
  • Alison Stine
  • Jerry Gaither
  • Steve Kirkpatrick
  • Bruce Dorsey
  • Kathleen Capper
  • David Robyn
  • James
  • Hoover The Pig - Steve's "biggest" fan! :-)
  • Katherine Wintersnight
  • Kent Clark
  • Suzanne Victoria
  • JoAnne McNary
  • Russell Capps
  • Harriet Schock
  • Suzze Tiernan
  • Bryan Johnson
  • Linda Copeland
  • Justine Keeble
  • John George
  • Todd Roos
  • Tom Hinshaw
  • Paul and Betty Beeman
  • Dwight C Whitney, Jr
  • Rick Rattie
  • Ray Wroblewski
  • Karl Haight-Boyd
  • Ed "Broph" Brophy
  • Charlene Wolff
  • Connie Gohata
  • Helen Sabia
  • Jarvis Chen
  • Dan & Blythe
  • Luke Chipperfield - Rebel Without a Cure
  • Noel Clayton
  • Richard Goldman
  • Marie T. Harris
  • Shaun Cooney
  • Linda Draper of the Detroit Community AIDS Library (DCAL)
  • Alec Clayton
  • Michael Alden
  • Maggie Heineman
  • Barb from Ring of Friendship
  • Chris Curcio
  • Dawn Slegona
  • Carolyn Cox
  • Gloria Ginsberg
  • Erin Lewy
  • Becky Corning
  • Jay Kerch
  • Jennifer Muir
  • Jason Hungerford
  • Bill Kibler (Aka "Kibs")
  • Maggie Campbell
  • Thomas King
  • Steve Basile
  • Peggy VanDyke
  • Martha Lare
  • Gary Lare
  • Barbara Eickhoff
  • Donald Groppe
  • Mariana Maia
  • Wilson Justice
  • Krista Willoughby
  • Crissy Terawaki
  • Sara L. Szmodis
  • Barefoot Ron Iseli
  • Link Tague
  • Tracy Campo
  • Dixon Martin
  • CJ Liotta
  • Gail Navarrete
  • Megan Drury
  • Linda Delayen
  • Lori Machens
  • Randy Thomas
  • Karen Tiongson
  • Tina Olson
  • Linda Dahlstrom
  • Bob Buehler
  • Melanie Gilbert
  • Bev Sykes
  • Mary
  • Jeff Cummings
  • Sandrine
  • bekj
  • Lisa Bobeczko
  • Ruth Bobeczko
  • Lyndsay Morgan Schaeffer
  • Jim Ferguson
  • Shawn Spencer
  • bud "the stud" minard
  • Carol Graves
  • Stephanie Dolan
  • Stacy Poindexter
  • Jonathan Long
  • Sensei Thomas A. Casale


You can write to Gabi Clayton at 

 to join the fan club and have your name added to the list on this page.


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