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Resources I am personally connected with and also local/Washington state ones are listed first, then national, international and internet-only ones.

You know you’ve created God in your own image
when God hates the same people you do.
~ Anne Lamott

Jim's Sunday Sermon - by Jim Brochu. Steve Schalchlin, Jim's partner, writes: "WARNING!!!! ... The contents of this site are sarcastic and irreverent. ... Leading professionals believe he may have some unresolved anger issues regarding the way people have used and misused the Bible. He was raised Roman Catholic and after he met me, raised Missionary Baptist, he was introduced to the idea of taking what Baptists call "a literal interpretation of the Bible." Then, some readers challenged him to "read his Bible." So, with a totally honest intention, he began reading it from the beginning and was so shocked by its contents, he began writing this. Some conservative Christian friends of mine, upon reading his take on scripture, wrote and said that it "hurt" them. So, unless you come into this with an open mind -- and can take some critical sarcasm of the text of the Bible -- I suggest you skip this. I want to emphasize that this is an honest attempt to interpret what he has read, but he is a comedian, so he might not be seen as serious, heaven forbid. Have compassion for his journey."  and see Jim's site:

Listen to Steve Schalchlin's songs:
Where Is God?
and A Simple Faith

These are on Steve's CD The Bonus Round Sessions

Note: These explorations of the bible were a part of Steve and Jim's journey toward the creation of their wonderful musical,
The Big Voice: God or Merman.

The Active Life: A Spirituality of Work, Creativity, and Caring - This is a personal recommendation for Parker J. Palmer's deep and graceful exploration of spirituality for the busy, sometimes frenetic lives many of us lead. This is one of my all-time favorite books. "Telling evocative stories from a variety of religious traditions, including Taoist, Jewish, and Christian, Palmer shows that the spiritual life does not mean abandoning the world but engaging it more deeply through life-giving action. He celebrates both the problems and potentials of the active life, revealing how much they have to teach us about ourselves, the world, and God."  ISBN: 0-787-94934-5 Published July 1999, Jossey-Bass.

The Grace of Great Things - Recovering the Sacred in Knowing, Teaching, and Learning - wonderful speech Parker J. Palmer gave at the Spirituality in Education Conference at The Naropa Institute in1997.

AFSC (American Friends Service Committee) Pacific NW Region Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (GLBTQ) Youth Program - Seattle, WA  - The GLBTQ Youth Program's mission is "To promote and support diversity as we empower gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth and the adults who work with them." The core of the program is its internships for GLBTQ youth ages 14-22. Through paid internships the program provides youth with an opportunity for both personal and professional activist development.

LGBT Rights & Recognition - from American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) - founded by the Religious Society of Friends (the Quakers) in 1917 to provide conscientious objectors with an opportunity to aid civilian war victims. AFSC carries out service, development, social justice, and peace programs throughout the world  based on the Quaker belief in the worth of every person and faith in the power of love to overcome violence and injustice. The organization attracts the support and partnership of people of many races, religions, and cultures. and AFSC's LGB&T Rights & Recognition Programs -

Anamchara: Spiritual Support for Sexual Minorities (ahn-um-KHAR-uh)- Seattle - This program of MARC at Multifaith Works (below) has been created for sexual minority persons of faith seeking companionship on the spiritual journey; someone to turn to for guidance and support during challenging times and transitions. The Center will offer individual and group spiritual direction and educational programs for people from any religious background.

The Community of Welcoming Congregations (CWC) - an Oregon and SW Washington interfaith ministry and association of religious and spiritual congregations that welcome and affirm people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. CWCs ministry dedicates itself to the full equality of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersexed and questioning people seeking spiritual home.

Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) - Olympia chapter - seeks to replace violence, war, racism, intolerance, and economic and social injustice with nonviolence, peace and justice. FOR is are an organization of many faiths committed to active nonviolence as a transformative way of life and as a means of profound social change. FOR publishes Southwest Washington's a comprehensive peace and social justice newsletter; produces TV programs; every Wednesday noon hour - rain or shine - they literally "stand up for peace and justice" in Sylvester Park at the corner of Legion and Capitol Way in downtown Olympia; they sponsor special events and special vigils; have information booths at community events; and provide information and referral.

The Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) - national office of this interfaith organization committed to active nonviolence as a transforming way of life and as a means of radical change.

Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) -

FOR's Peacemaker Training Institute - developing youth leadership for peace and justice. Young people around the globe hold a vision of a more just and peaceful society. Deeply concerned about pervasive violence and injustice, many youth are seeking to create nonviolent alternatives and take an active part in positive social change. The Peacemaker Training Institute helps them become more effective peace and justice activists.

Friends for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Concerns  (FLGBTQC) - a North American Quaker faith community that affirms that of God in all people. "Gathering twice yearly for worship and play, an email listserv, and more. 'We are learning that radical inclusion and radical love bring further light to Quaker testimony and life.'" 

Nontheist Friends email list - provides a safe and friendly space for nontheist Friends, and other Friends and non-Friends with a genuine and friendly interest in the subject, to discuss the experiences and challenges of being nontheists in the Religious Society of Friends. "We hope to strengthen the Quaker tradition of welcoming people of diverse religious experience, and to show by example that this can include nontheists." 

The God Box - by Alex Sanchez, author of the acclaimed Rainbow Boys series - wrote this novel about gay teens who are also Christians is set in Texas with a protagonist of Mexican heritage Young, gay, and struggling your sexuality and spirituality? Mr. Sanchez also has a collection of links to help here:

HeartStrong is a non sectarian organization established to provide outreach to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and other persons adversely affected by the influence of all denominations of religious educational institutions. It exists to provide truthful information and support to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered and allied persons who have attended, are attending, employed by, or associated with religious educational institutions. HeartStrong is also committed to educating the public about the persecution of GLBT’s and others at religious educational institutions. Marc Adams and Todd Tuttle (HeartStrong's founders) are based in Seattle, but travel all over the country speaking and leading workshops.

Marc Adams has a personal website as well as the one for Heartstrong. He has posted an April 2005 "Leaving JERRY FALWELL: An Interview with Marc Adams"; information and excerpts from his books; links and a personal email list you can sign up for.

Marc Adams publishes books including, "The Preacher's Son", "(lost)Found", "LoveLife, "Two Worlds", "Still Water", "Light", "These Days", "Do's & Don'ts" Todd Tuttle wrote "Spot" a wonderful illustrated book about bias, discrimination and the value of diversity for children (and adults).

Interfaith Works - based in Olympia, WA - promotes interfaith understanding, and serves the community through charitable, social and educational endeavors. Interfaith Works (IW) is a non-profit association of faith communities and individuals of diverse faith traditions. "We have a long-standing history of bringing the human and financial resources of our faith communities together with business and government agencies for the benefit of those in need. We strive to participate in endeavours which are relevant to the times in which we live, while maintaining our identities as people of faith."

SideWalk - is a volunteer operated program of Interfairh Works in Olympia that aims to end homelessness through coordination of resources and community engagement. "At SideWalk, we help people experiencing homelessness to make sense of the system. We help people to build incomes, access services, and find homes. Our volunteer advocates walk side-by-side with clients as they help them to navigate the service system. We are also working hard to improve the system itself. By partnering with local shelter providers, SideWalk has brought access to nearly half of the local shelter beds (for homeless adults) under one roof. Our clients no longer need to run around from agency to agency to find shelter for the night. SideWalk Advocates are the safety net for countless people experiencing homelessness who have nowhere to turn."

The Multifaith Alliance of Reconciling Communities (MARC) - Seattle - this Multifaith Works program is an alliance of non-official persons from a wide variety of faith communities who are working to make the gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered/questioning (GLBTQ) community aware that there are faith communities who are open, welcoming, reconciling and accepting of them. MARC also encourages faith communities to become open, welcome, reconciling and accepting of GLBT persons and can help congregations with this process.

Olympia Friends Meeting - is part of the liberal, unprogrammed branch of Quakerism.  All who might find the Quaker Meeting for Worship helpful in their spiritual search are welcome.  We come from a wide variety of religious backgrounds; most of us were not raised as Quakers.  Although the roots of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) are in Christianity, some individual Friends do not call themselves Christians.  Today’s Friends are very comfortable with the wide range of beliefs in any one Quaker meeting. The Meeting welcomes lesbians, gay men, and non-traditional families.

PFLAG's Resource List of Welcoming Religious and Spiritual Groups, Publications, an Interfaith Calendar, and a list of Anti-Gay Groups -

The Religious Coalition for Equality - an interfaith association of lay persons and clergy committed to this twofold purpose: to educate Washington State citizens about and to advocate for marriage equality for all couples and the civil rights of all.

The Religious Coalition for Equality has drafted a new Faith Statement which opposes discrimination based upon sexual orientation. Clergy, religious leaders, and other people of faith are encouraged to sign the Faith Statement.

Seattle Atheists - a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the atheist community in the Seattle area, striving to promote understanding and respect toward all freethinkers by providing information, creating a sense of fellowship, actively opposing discrimination, and above all, emphasizing reason and critical thinking over supernaturalism. They provides an educational service to the community, such as hosting nationally-known speakers for membership meetings to speak on topics that include psychology, law, and education. Seattle Atheists has an ongoing food drive, regular blood drives, do holiday gift wrapping (which benefits the Children’s Hospital), and more.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, The Abbey of St. Joan - Seattle - men and women dedicated to the support, education, and development of our community.In 1979, the Motherhouse in San Francisco announced the reason for our existence. "We are an order of 21st Century nuns dedicated to the promulgation of universal joy and the expiation of stigmatic guilt. Our ministry is one of public manifestation and habitual perpetration. No more guilt!" That simple direction, to bring joy where there is none, and to remove the guilt that keeps you from being your beautiful self, has, over the last 25 years, spawned a world-wide phenomenon while at the same time landing us on the Pope’s list of Heretics in 1987 — go figure.  We chose the name of St. Joan to honor the strength, courage and self-giving of this historic woman. Over the years, we have grown, but our mission has remained unchanged. We continue to educate the public on safer sex issues, we fight for queer rights and visibility, we address women’s issues and the needs of homeless youth, and support other community organizations that share our vision.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence - the Motherhouse in San Francisco

Soulforce Washington - Washington state resources for this interfaith movement committed to ending spiritual violence perpetuated by religious policies and teachings against gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people (also listed below).


Southern Baptist Sissies is the GLAAD Award-winning play by writer/director Del Shores. It is the story of four boys who grew up in the Southern Baptist Church who are gay and how they each deal with the conflict between the church and their sexuality. I first met Del when my friend Michael Sugar took me to see Southern Baptist Sissies in Los Angeles on 9/23/2002. It is a wonderful, powerful, funny, touching play. I know the date because I still have the email I sent Del two days later: "Hi Del, I met you at the Zephyr Theatre after I saw Southern Baptist Sissies two nights ago. I'm the woman who told you one of my sons committed suicide after a bashing. Thank you and the cast and crew for a tremendous night of theater." Del wrote & directed the zany movie favorite of mine: Sordid Lives (and the television series) and other films including: "Daddy's Dyin': Who's Got the Will?" and "The Trials and Tribulations of a Trailer Trash Housewife." He has been a writer/producer for Showtime's "Queer as Folk" and other television shows. Wikipedia for Southern Baptist Sissies here. FACEBOOK:, TWITTER: @SBSissies 


The Southern Baptist Sissies campaign is launched to raise the funds to shoot the play live for film. As the rhetoric of churches and religious-based organizations grows stronger and more hateful, it is gay and questioning youths growing up in the church who continue to be caught in the crossfire. The film stars Emmy Award-winner Leslie Jordan (Will & Grace), Spirit Award-winner Dale Dickey (Winter's Bone, True Blood), Rosemary Alexander (Sordid Lives), Ann Walker (Sordid Lives), Newell Alexander (August: Osage County), Joe Patrick Ward (Sordid Lives: The Series), Emerson Collins (Sordid Lives: The Series), Matthew Scott Montgomery (So Random, Yellow), Luke Stratte-McClure (Yellow), and Willam Belli (RuPaul's Drag Race, Nip/Tuck).

Washington State-Open & Affirming Congregations - a list of gay friendly spiritual groups from Ravenna United Methodist Church in Seattle.

Affirmation: Gay & Lesbian Mormons - serves the needs of gays, lesbians, bisexual LDS and their supportive family and friends through social and educational activities. Gay and lesbian Arabs (an open door to the Arab world) - basic information, asylum, blogs, books (fiction), books (non-fiction), films, HIV/AIDS, music, news, and religion.

Al Fatiha Foundation - An international organization dedicated to Muslims who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, those questioning their sexual orientation and/or gender identity, as well as their families, friends, partners, and allies. and

American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) - founded by the Religious Society of Friends (the Quakers) in 1917 to provide conscientious objectors with an opportunity to aid civilian war victims. AFSC carries out service, development, social justice, and peace programs throughout the world  based on the Quaker belief in the worth of every person and faith in the power of love to overcome violence and injustice. The organization attracts the support and partnership of people of many races, religions, and cultures.

AFSC's LGB&T Rights & Recognition Programs - and the AFSC Seattle GLBTQ youth program is on my Youth Resources page.

Association of Welcoming & Affirming Baptists (AWAB) - advocating for the full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons within Baptist communities of faith.

Beliefnet - helps people find and walk a spiritual path that will bring comfort, hope, clarity, strength, and happiness. Whether you're exploring your own faith or other spiritual traditions, they  provide you inspiring devotional tools, access spiritual teachers and clergy all over the world, thought-provoking commentary, and a supportive community. Beliefnet is independent and not affiliated with any spiritual organization or movement. Lots of information on the world religions and spirituality.

Blog of the Grateful Bear - ramblings of a freelance panentheist { "all things are in God, and God is in all things" } . . . musings on spirituality, mysticism, interfaith dialogue, lost gospels, post-emergent Christianity, cats, books, music, gay and lesbian issues, and more. A proudly liberal interfaith bear.

The Blue Book: What We Wish We Had Known - Breaking the Silence Moving Toward Understanding A Resource for Individuals and Families - published by the First Tuesday Group of Presbyterian Church of Mt. Kisco, New York. "The book is gently and carefully written in a "Question and Answer" format. Its purpose is to help families and congregations heal broken relationships, and affirm the differences that make us human together. It's an extraordinary book about about ordinary people. It is intended for those who know very little about the subject, as well as those whose families and personal lives have been deeply affected by misunderstanding. links to (pdf format) Hard copies (with a blue cover) are available for $3.00 each. The Spanish translation, "El Libro Azul: Lo que nos habría gustado saber" is online here: (pdf format)

Brethren/Mennonite Council for Lesbian and Gay Concerns - supports Mennonite and Church of the Brethren gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual people, their friends and families; and fosters dialogue between gay and non-gay people in churches.

Bridges Across the Divide - provides models and resources for building respectful relationships among those who disagree about moral issues surrounding homosexuality, bisexuality and gender variance.

  Brights' Net - Brights are individuals whose worldview is naturalistic( free of supernatural and mystical elements.)  "A great many Brights do not wish to be identified as unbelievers, or nonbelievers, when they firmly believe in many things. They do not relish being characterized by adjectives that merely reinforce exceedingly narrow comparison to religious beliefs of others - words that, in many cases, carry a stigma ...."  The vision of the Brights is that persons who have a naturalistic worldview should not be culturally stifled or civically marginalized due to society's extensive supernaturalism. Rather, they ought to be accepted as fellow citizens and full participants in the cultural and political landscape.

The Brights' Tool Box - an opportunity for Brights to benefit by sharing of constructive ideas for how, in a milieu infused with supernaturalist beliefs, persons who have a naturalistic worldview can best interact with fellow citizens.

Responses to "God Bless You" ~ Responses to "I'll Pray for You" ~ and ~ Answers to Child's "Human Origins" Query

The Catholic Worker Movement  - founded in 1933 by journalist Dorothy Day and philosopher Peter Maurin; is grounded in a firm belief in the God-given dignity of every human person. Today over 175 Catholic Worker communities remain committed to nonviolence, voluntary poverty, prayer, and hospitality for the homeless, exiled, hungry, and forsaken. Catholic Workers continue to protest injustice, war, racism, and violence of all forms.  

Are Gay Christians Part of the Problem? - by Candace Chellew-Hodg, a recovering Southern Baptist and founder/editor of Whosoever: An Online Magazine for GLBT Christians She is an ordained minister and holds a master's in theological studies from the Candler School of Theology at Emory University in Atlanta, Ga. She currently serves as assistant pastor at Garden of Grace United Church in Columbia, S.C.

The Council for Secular Humanism - supports a wide range of activities to meet the needs of people who find meaning and value in life without looking to a god. Secular humanists reject supernatural and authoritarian beliefs. They affirm that we must take responsibility for our own lives and the communities and world in which we live; emphasizing reason and scientific inquiry, individual freedom and responsibility, human values and compassion, and the need for tolerance and cooperation.

Secular humanism - on Wikipedia - - This site offers peace and healing of the soul to God's gay, bisexual and queer children. You can find healing when you accept that you were created by God - Created gay. Created bisexual. Created queer. This is not and ex-gay ministry. Ex-gay ministries are not based on the healthy principle of self-acceptance.

CRISIS: 40 Stories Revealing the Personal, Social, and Religious Pain and Trauma of Growing Up Gay In America - a book by philanthropist and longtime human rights advocate Mitchell Gold, with unique blend of up-close and personal stories. Chapters include Religious Discrimination, Family and Community Rejection, School and Social Discrimination, In the Workplace, What I Know Now: On Losing a Child, The Sin Question, and Exposé: A Silent Epidemic of Depression, Isolation, and Fear.

Daily Afflictions: The Agony of Being Connected to Everything in the Universe - I love this book by Andrew Boyd. I learned about it when someone quoted from the affliction 'The Inner Bigot'  in my guestbook.

Demynge - a wonderful site by Richard K. Reedy, a graduate student in a seminary - poetry, personal essays and editorials including his excellent What They Say  "There are typically seven arguments I hear when talking to someone who opposes me because I am gay." Richard also has written Why Even Bother which in part is a response to my son Bill's story.

Dignity/USA - envisions and works for a time when Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Catholics are affirmed and experience dignity through the integration of their spirituality with their sexuality, and as beloved persons of God participate fully in all aspects of life within the Church and Society.

Jack Drescher, MD - a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst in New York City is an educator and expert spokesperson on issues related to gender and sexuality. He is the author of Psychoanalytic Therapy and the Gay Man (The Analytic Press.- ISBN: 0881632082).  He presented on " Reparative Therapy" at PFLAG's 2004 national conference in Salt Lake City.  With his permission, the PowerPoint slides from that  presentation are on the PFLAG website at (pdf file)

The Epistle - a web magazine for Christian gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgender people.

Evangelicals Concerned - national network of gay and lesbian evangelical Christians and friends - providing hope, encouragement, teaching and fellowship to women and men seeking to integrate their faith and sexual orientation

Ex-Gay Watch - a glbt-affirming website dedicated to monitoring the ex-gay movement, providing comprehensive daily news and analysis of the current activities of the ex-gay movement.

The Fairness Project - works to promote fair and positive understanding of all human beings regardless of sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, nationality, race, ethnicity, age, or abilities, by educating and advocating for fundamental structural change and personal healing. They convinced that all issues of fairness are related, that all oppressions are connected, and that all discrimination must end so that every human being can live and flourish as a full human being. The founder, Robert N. Minor, Ph.D., is Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Kansas. He is a popular speaker, workshop leader, and author on issues of sexual orientation, gender, and active change.
His books include "Gay and Healthy in a Sick Society: The Minor Details" and "Scared Straight: Why It's So Hard to Accept Gay People and Why It's So Hard to Be Human"

Faith in Our Families - Parents, Families & Friends Talk About Religion & Homosexuality, from PFLAG. (PDF format)

Family Acceptance - A conservative Christian family with a gay son share their journey.

First Freedom First - a partnership of The Interfaith Alliance Foundation and Americans United for Separation of Church and State working to raise public awareness and promote education about religious liberty and the separation of church and state.

Fish Can't Fly - this documentary by Tom Murray takes a secular point of view, exploring the lives of gay men and women of faith as they recall their journeys to put their sexuality and spirituality in harmony. While the whole concept of changing ones' sexual orientation may be viewed with a high level of skepticism, ridicule and even humor by the larger GLBT community, these are the stories of those who have tried.

Fish Can't Fly - film review of by Gary Simpson of Stop Hate 2000.

Fish Out of Water: What Does the Bible Really Say About Being Gay? A documentary that explores the impassioned relationship between homosexuality and the Bible. Using animation and academic interviews, director Ky Dickens examines different Christian interpretations of scripture. It is beautifully put together, allowing pastors and theologians as well as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals to speak for themselves, across the spectrum of beliefs and interpretations and keeping the message palatable through the strategic use of animation. It is feature length (60 min) and appropriate for use in churches and church youth groups, especially Christian ones, and parochial high schools and church-affiliated young adult service groups. 

For The Bible Tells Me So - a nonfiction film, running time: 97 minutes screened at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival. Director Daniel Karslake's inclusive approach ingeniously reconciles homosexuality, biology and scripture through the prism of the family; indeed, most of the film is devoted to five very normal, very Christian, very American families with names like Gephardt and Robinson - and how they handled learning that they had a gay child. "For The Bible Tells Me So" is neither a pedantic screed nor an academic treatise, yet its theology is informed by such respected voices as Bishop Desmond Tutu, Harvard's Peter Gomes, Orthodox Rabbi Steve Greenberg and Reverend Jimmy Creech. The movie even has a cartoon.

Fortunate Families: Catholic Families with Lesbian Daughters and Gay Sons -  " ... we direct our attention to: being a ministry with Catholic parents of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender children; walking with them as they explore and value their stories; encouraging them to share their stories with their wider families and the larger Catholic community; being a voice for justice by providing resources that are seeds of hope to all fortunate families."

The Freedom From Religion Foundation - an educational group working for the separation of state and church. Its purposes are to promote the constitutional principle of separation of state and church, and to educate the public on matters relating to nontheism. It files lawsuits ~ bestows "The Emperor Has No Clothes" awards and statuettes to public figures for plain speaking on religion ~ provides speakers for events and debates ~ and more.

Free Hugs Campaign - Inspired by Juan Mann - Sometimes, a hug is all what we need. Juan Mann is man whose sole mission has been to reach out and hug a stranger to brighten up their lives. In this age of social disconnectivity and lack of human contact, the effects of the Free Hugs campaign became phenomenal. - ministering to the gay and lesbian Christian community (GLBT) and friends with welcoming Christian church directories and bulletin boards.

Gay Religion - a book by Scott Thumma an Edward R. Gray which presents the spiritual lives, practices and expressions of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people. Drawing from a wide range of religious traditions, new and established scholars explore the range of gay religious expression in denominations, sects, and even outside recognized religious institutions. The essays ask what these religious innovations mean to the continually evolving religious environment of North America.

Gay Spirituality & Culture - shifting gay and queer spiritualities and cultures by blogging.

Gay and Lesbian Vaishnava Association (GALVA108) - an international organization dedicated to the teachings of Lord Caitanya, the importance of all-inclusiveness within His mission, and the Vedic concept of a natural third gender. Its purpose is to educate Vaishnavas, Hindus and the public in general about the “third sex” as described in Vedic literatures. This knowledge will help to correct many of the common misconceptions that people hold today concerning third-gender people (gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, the intersexed, etc.). In addition to this, GALVA wishes to provide a friendly and positive-oriented place where third-gender devotees and guests can associate together and utilize their time to learn more about Krsna consciousness and advance in spiritual life.

Glide Memorial United Methodist Church (San Francisco, CA) -  A church without walls - "Glide serves as an oasis in a desert of hopelessness, marching to the edge where victories for social justice are won. Glide is a place where old, destructive ways of being are thrown out and new ones created. Where names are named and love is celebrated and a simple call goes out to all races, classes, genders, ages, and sexual orientations: It's recovery time. It's time to love unconditionally."  "This is a place for celebration, affirmation and the power of the spirit. All races. All creeds. All sexual orientations. All kinds of people. Rich and poor, together."

Reverend Cecil Williams - In 1963, a young African-American minister named Cecil Williams came to Glide determined to bring life back into the dying congregation. Cecil changed both the policies and practices of the conservative church, helping to create the Council on Religion and Homosexuality in 1964. In 1967, Cecil ordered the cross removed from the sanctuary, exhorting the congregation instead to celebrate life and living. and

Glide was very important to me when I lived in San Francisco in the late 60's and 1970. I was involved in protesting the Vietnam war and this was one of the central places for organizing for peace.

The God Box - a novel about gay teens who are also Christians by Alex Sanchez, author of The Rainbow Boys trilogy and Getting It . The novel is a about gay teens and Christian faith. It is a coming-of-age story set in Texas with a high school senior of Mexican heritage as the protagonist. There is an extensive list of spiritual links and other helpful resources for LGBT youth as well as information about banned books, coming out and more.

And God Loves Each One: A Resource for Dialogue about Sexual Orientation - updated 2nd edition by Ann Thompson Cook (also the author of In Made in God's Image listed below.)  

God of Love/All the People
by Joni Christian, Working for a Hate Free Society

The Heartland Proclamation - by the Heartland Clergy for Inclusion - "a public apology to LGBT persons for times clergy have been silent when we should have spoken a word of grace and good news. It is also an affirmation that 'the essence of Christian life is not focused on sexual orientation, but how one lives by grace in relationship with God, with compassion toward humanity.'  The Proclamation calls for an end to all religious and civil discrimination based on sexual orientation and celebrates the prophetic witness of those who have met hatred with love." The Heartland Clergy for Inclusion (HCI) are Christian clergy from the Heartland states who are… grounded in the witness of Scripture, convinced of God’s unconditional love for all people, and advocating justice for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons.

Hineini: Here I Am - celebrates lesbian, gay, bisexual and transhender Jews who have transformed the world through thier words and lives. Harvey Milk, Kate Bornstein, and Lesléa Newman are the first three subjects in this poster series of Jewish LGBT changemakers. "Each has shown the courage, vision, and conviction to overcome homophobia and transphobia and make a lasting impact on the world." The poster series created as a Jewish LGBT visiblity project by Keshet (below) - working for the full inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Jews in Jewish life - includes a link to the posters along with a timelines and bibliographies, and a fourm where you can answer the question, "Who is YOUR LGBT Jewish hero?" The 18x24 posters are posters are for sale.

Homosexuality and Christianity - Jeramy Townsley's excellent gay/Christian study page.

Hope for Peace & Justice (H4PJ) - equipping progressive people of faith to be champions for peace and justice. H4PJ seeks to give voice to principles such as: the creation of a culture of peace rather than war ~ the value of people over profits ~ equal rights for all people not just the majority ~ the protection of the environment before the corporate bottom line ~ health care as a civil right for all people not just the wealthy ~ adequate education as a means of societal transformation rather than economic separation ~ the same quality of justice for the poor as for the rich.

Huriyah - a Queer Muslim magazine with news, features, resources, and an email listserv. Huriyah is an Arabic word that means "Freedom."

In God's House: Asian American Lesbian & Gay Families in the Church - a film by Lina Hoshino and the PANA Institute's project on Civil Liberties and Faith. There are many gay and lesbian Asian American Christians and their families, quiet and invisible, in churches across the United States. Where are their stories? What are their experiences? This film tells a story that those in the church need to hear: that of Asian American Christian lesbian and gay people and their parents. 22 minutes. Available as a DVD with 75 minutes of bonus features. English, with subtitles in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog, Pilipino, or Vietnamese.

Integrity - lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trangender Episcopalians and straight friends working for full inclusion of GLBT persons in the Episcopal Church. Also the national level and in local chapters and diocesan networks throughout the country, the primary activities are: worship fellowship education communication outreach, and service to the church.

The Institute for Judaism and Sexual Orientation (IJSO) - a project of the Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion, driven by Jewish religious values and the spiritual quest for holiness. With this foundation, and the knowledge that we are b'tzelem elohim, created in the image of God, IJSO believes that these values call us to achieve complete inclusion, integration and equal standing of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in our congregations and communities. Projects include: consulting on inclusion to Jewish Communal organizations ~ sponsoring internships in LGBT synagogues ~ producing a quarterly interfaith discussion series ~ and co-editing with the Department of Family Concerns (URJ) the revision of a book called Kulanu: An LGBT Inclusion Guide for Congregations.

The Institute for Welcoming Resources - a national, ecumenical collaboration of the Welcoming Church Movement. "…until the Church’s welcome is matched by its justice."

Interweave - dedicated to the spiritual, political, and social well-being of Unitarian Universalists who are confronting oppression as lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender persons, and their heterosexual allies; and facilitates the celebration of the culture and lives of its members.

The Interfaith Alliance promotes the positive and healing role of religion in public life through encouraging civic participation, facilitating community activism, and challenging religious political extremism.

The Interfaith Working Group - Devoted to explaining religious diversity on social issues: equal rights for sexual minorities, reproductive freedom, and separation of church and state.

Justice & Respect - Conservative Christians for a just and respectful response to those who experience same-sex attraction.

Keshet - works to ensure that gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Jews are fully included in all parts of the Jewish community. In the Greater Boston area where it is based, Keshet offers social and cultural events for GLBT Jews ranging from Jewish text study to an annual GLBT Jewish speed-dating gala, Keshet Quick Dates. Nationally, Keshet offers support, training, and resources to create a Jewish community that welcomes and affirms GLBT Jews. Nationally, Keshet programs include The Hineini Education Project, which trains and supports Jewish educators, clergy, program staff, youth, and lay leaders to ensure that GLBT youth, families, and staff are safe and affirmed in all Jewish educational and community settings; film screenings and facilitated workshops of the Keshet-produced film Hineini: Coming Out in a Jewish High School; training and technical support for emerging Jewish GLBT groups to replicate Keshet's Jewish Safe Schools & Supportive Communities Program and build local capacity for fostering inclusion; the KeshetClal Inclusion Project which is a synthesized approach that offers rabbis, lay leaders, and educators concrete skills for understanding and supporting GLBT experience in the context of traditional Judaism.

Lutherans Concerned/North America - a community of faith, modeling the gospel with the church and within the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered communities.

In Made in God's Image: A Resource for Dialogue about the Church and Gender Differences - this website and a booklet by Ann Thompson Cook combine information, personal sharing, and resources as a starting place for a congregation, family, or individual seeking to better understand transgender issues and to provide a supportive environment.

Jewish Voice for Peace - provides a voice for Jews and allies who believe that peace in the Middle East will be achieved through justice and full equality for both Palestinians and Israelis. With offices in New York and California, 100,000 online activists, chapters across the country and an Advisory Board comprised of numerous prominent Jewish thinkers and artists, JVP supports nonviolent efforts here and in Israel-Palestine to end Israel’s Occupation, expand human and civil rights, and implement a US policy based on international law and democracy.

Killing the Buddha (KtB) - an online religion magazine for people made anxious by churches...

Metropolitan Community Churches - worldwide fellowship of Christian churches with a special outreach to the world's gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities.

More Light Presbyterians - work for the full participation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people of faith in the life, ministry and witness of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Muslims for Progressive Values - an inclusive community rooted in the traditional Qur’anic ideals of human dignity and social justice. They welcome all who are interested in discussing, promoting and working for the implementation of progressive values — human rights, freedom of expression, and separation of church and state — as well as inclusive and tolerant understandings of Islam. In its ten wonderful guiding principles, the seventh is LGBTQ Rights: "We endorse the human and civil rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and queer (LGBTIQ) individuals. We support full equality and inclusion of all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, in society and in the Muslim community. We affirm our commitment to ending discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity." MPV endorses separation of religious institutions from state institutions. "The imposition of religious codes by the state prohibits citizens from exercising their moral agency. We believe that secular government is the only way to achieve the Islamic ideal of freedom from compulsion in matters of faith. However, we do not advocate the removal of religious perspectives from the public square."

The National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ) - founded in 1927 as The National Conference of Christians and Jews, is a human relations organization dedicated to fighting bias, bigotry and racism in America. NCCJ promotes understanding and respect among all races, religions and cultures through advocacy, conflict resolution and education.

The National Association of Catholic Diocesan Lesbian and Gay Ministries (NACDLGM) - fosters ministry with lesbian and gay Catholics, their families and friends Serves as a network of communication regarding Catholic lesbian and gay ministry Provides educational resources and models of ministry Encourages the participation of lesbian and gay Catholics within the Church, and more.

Nazi Anti-Jewish Speech VS. Religious Right Anti-Gay Speech - Are They Similar? - I think this is an important comparison.

New Ways Ministry - provides a gay-positive ministry of advocacy and justice for lesbian and gay Catholics and reconciliation within the larger Christian and civil communities.

No Longer Silent: Clergy for Justice - "We are Christian Clergy: grounded in the witness of the Bible convinced of God's unconditional love for all people raising a voice against Christian intolerance that promotes condemnation, discrimination, and hatred. advocating justice for all, especially Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transgendered persons. The time has come to share an alternative Christian perspective on the issue of homosexuality. Conservative political and Christian rhetoric condemning homosexuals has monopolized public perception of the stance of religious persons on this issue. We disagree with these views of condemnation and judgement."

No Religion? 7 Types of Non-Believers - by Valerie Tarico, June 3, 2012 article on Alternet. "Religious labels help shore up identity. So what are some of the things non-believers can call themselves?"

Ontario Consultants on Religious Freedom - An excellent resource on religion and issues, including this Homosexuality and Bisexuality section and much more.

The Other Side: Strength for the Journey - a magazine and a non-denominational Christian ministry to nurture those who thirst for deeper spiritual rooting, long for justice and peace, and work towards a transformed world. "The love of Jesus is inclusive, regardless of race, gender, social class, nationality, and sexual preference. For privileged groups, enacting that love means actively divesting of privileges that come with race, background, wealth, education, or being in a sexual majority."

Pagan, Witchcraft and Goddess Resources - Beverly Greene writes: "Unfortunately, most people, including myself before I set out on my journey to learn more, have the wrong idea of what pagan means and what witchcraft REALLY is. It is important to start this section of my homepage with some general information about paganism, witchcraft, and other related ideas and terms before getting to my personal beliefs and the links."

Pax Christi USA - this national Catholic peace movement rejects war, preparations for war, and every form of violence and domination. It advocates primacy of conscience, economic and social justice, and respect for creation.

The Philosophers' Magazine:  TPM Online - essays, interviews, quotes, games ("Battleground God" "Morality Play", "So you think you're logical?" and more) on science, ethics and religion.

Philosophy in Cyberspace - a huge collection of everything philosophical on the 'net, by Dey Alexander.

Phoenix Affirmation - twelve affirmations developed originally in 2005-6 by pastors, laypeople, theologians  and biblical scholars around the United States from every “mainline” theological tradition and several others, these Phoenix Affirmations are gradually becoming a theological backbone of the progressive Christian movement in the United States. Included in the twelve is: "Christian love of neighbor includes: 5. Engaging people authentically, as Jesus did, treating all as creations made in God’s very image, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental ability, nationality, or economic class."


The Pluralism Project - documents and works to better understand the changing contours of American religious demography ~ studies the religious communities themselves, their forms of adaptation and religious education in the American context, their encounter with the other religious traditions of our common society, and their encounter with civic institutions ~ explores the ramifications and implications of America's new plurality through case studies of particular cities and towns, looking at the response of Christian and Jewish communities to their new neighbors; the development of interfaith councils and networks; the new theological and pastoral questions that emerge from the pluralistic context; and the recasting of traditional church-state issues in a wider context. ~ discerns, in light of this work, the emerging meanings of religious "pluralism," both for religious communities and for public institutions, and to consider the real challenges and opportunities of a public commitment to pluralism in the light of the new religious contours of America ~ Today, the Pluralism Project's work has expanded to include the international dimensions of religious diversity, difference, and dialogue; and their new research initiatives focus on civic engagement, interfaith action, and women’s networks.


Positive Religious Sites - a collection by Michael of Jewish, Christian, Muslim and more.


Prayers for Bobby, A mother's coming to terms with the suicide of her gay son - Bobby committed suicide in 1983. Leroy Aarons wrote this book  working with his mother Mary Griffith. 

The Root of the Problem - by Jim Spahr (Po) - March 24, 2005 -

The Quixote Center - a band of "impossible dreamers," a multi-issue, grassroots social justice organization with roots in the Catholic social justice tradition. Independent of church and government structures. The Center operates with an understanding that an educated and engaged citizenry is essential to making social change. It is a faith-based, social justice center working with people who have few resources for their struggles. "We strive to make our world, our nation, and our church more just, peaceful and equitable in their policies and practices."

Catholics Speak Out - a program of the The Quixote Center , provides resources and opportunities for action on behalf of justice in the Roman Catholic Church and civil society. "We support gender equality, including ordination for women; the civil rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons; and advocate for an end to the rule of celibacy for Catholic clergy. We support full communion for divorced and remarried Catholics; due process for church employees and theologians; and democratic reforms in the governance of the Roman Catholic Church. We call for lay involvement in the formulation of church teachings on sexuality and reproduction, improvements in interfaith and ecumenical dialogue, and a strong church voice on issues of social justice."

To Be Gay and Muslim - by Heidi Dietrich - AlterNet - April 9, 2002 - "While many gay Muslims remain closeted, fearful of shaming their family, their mosque and their peers, some are finding inspiring -- and unconventional -- ways to cope."

Queer Asian Spirit - resources affirming and supporting the spiritual lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, and questioning people of Asian descent.  

Reconciling Ministries Network - a national grassroots organization that exists to enable full participation of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities in the life of the United Methodist Church, both in policy and practice.

The Religious Institute on Sexual Morality, Justice and Healing - an ecumenical, interfaith organization dedicated to advocating for sexual health, education, and justice in faith communities and society. Works to develop and support a network of clergy, religious educators, theologians, ethicists, and other religious leaders committed to sexual justice; to build the capacity of religious institutions and clergy to offer sexuality education within the context of their own faith traditions; to help congregations become sexually healthy faith communities; and to educate the public and policymakers about this religious vision of sexual morality, justice, and healing.

Resources for LGBTIQ Muslims & Allies - a list of internet / online resources for Muslims who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, those questioning their sexual orientation or gender identity, and their partners, family, and friends.

Respecting Nonreligious People - a lesson plan from Teaching Tolerance / Southern Policy Law Center - level: grades 3 to 5, 6 to 8, and 9 to 12; subject: reading and language arts, social studies, and ELL / ESL. "Students often learn the importance of respecting people of different religions, and of respecting religious beliefs that are different from their own. But what about people who do not hold religious beliefs at all? Too often the right not to believe is excluded from lessons about tolerance. Yet atheists and others who do not believe in God experience discrimination because of their nonbelief. In this lesson, students learn about episodes of anti-atheist discrimination; and they develop ways to educate others about respecting nonreligious, as well as religious, diversity."

Safra Project -  UK based organization that conducts research and provides information on issues relating to lesbian, bisexual and transgender women who identify themselves as Muslim, culturally and/or religiously. Safra is an Arabic word meaning journey and discovery. Research on sexuality, gender and Islam with a specific focus on progressive and feminist perspectives; resources and more.

Seventh-day Adventist Kinship International - a support organization devoted to the spiritual, emotional, social and physical well-being of current and former Seventh-day Adventists who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered.

Steps To Recovery From Bible Abuse - Dr. Rembert S. Truluck created his website and wrote a book by the same title as "a response to the abusive use of the bible against gays and lesbians and all others oppressed and alienated by religion".

Socially Engaged Buddhism and Activism - Socially engaged Buddhists are involved in disarmament work, environmental and human rights activism, including campaigns that oppose oppression of Buddhists in Bangladesh, Burma, Vietnam, and Tibet, as well as prison activism, and gender/queer activism, as well as HIV and AIDS work.

Soulforce - an interfaith movement committed to ending spiritual violence perpetuated by religious policies and teachings against gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people. Soulforce is a network of volunteers and staff committed to research, teach, and apply the principles of nonviolence as taught and lived by Gandhi and Dr. King on behalf of sexual and gender minorities. Soulforce is named for Gandhi's teaching of satyagraha, Gandhi's term for "truth force" or "soul force," which he defined as a plan of action that developed inner lives while working to transform society.

Soulforce Q Camp 2009 - a summer gathering of young activists! July 10-19, 2009 in Texas. Are you a young activist working on progressive issues in a conservative area? Do you feel underrepresented or unwelcome in mainstream justice work? Are you a student on an Equality Ride campus who wants to continue its work? Are you working in a community visited by another Soulforce campaign? Soulforce Q Camp is your space! This summer, Soulforce Q Camp will unite young adults - LGBTQ and allies alike - who are interested or engaged in creative grassroots organizing. International applications are welcome. Application deadline is Sunday, May 8. All applicants will be interviewed and notified of their status by Friday, May 22. For more information, contact

Speak from the Heart - a webzine designed to present postings that present the views of "progressive" Christians who seek to present, apply, and live out the Gospel of grace, faith, love, reconciliation, and inclusiveness.

Stop the Hate - a sermon by Dr. Ed Tick, given at the Annual Interfaith Service of The College of Saint Rose, Albany, New York on November 27, 2006. "How do we stop the hate? Tonight we ask this question together -- profound and necessary for the health of our planet and all its inhabitants." Ed is the founder of  Soldier’s Heart which does works based on strategies presented in his book, “War and the Soul - Healing Our Nation’s Veterans from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder”. He is a practicing psychotherapist specializing in veterans with PTSD. I think these are important words although they do not address LGBTQ specific hate and the issues around it which is my usual focus.. It is an inquiry into and a longing for forgiveness and respect — a plea for the difficult but critical and complex task of meeting hate with love. (pdf format)

TEACH Ministries (To Educate About the Consequences of Homophobia) -  Mary Lou and Bob Wallner lost their lesbian Christian daughter Anna to suicide in February of 1997. They now work to see the church accept and welcome GLBT people.

A Tenable Belief - where religious liberties meet civil rights on the road to gay marriage. Hosted by Steve Boese.

TIKKUN Community - tikkun means "to heal, repair and transform the world." This international community of people of many faiths calls for social justice and political freedom in the context of new structures of work, caring communities, and democratic social and economic arrangements. They seek to influence public discourse in order to inspire compassion, generosity, non-violence and recognition of the spiritual dimensions of life.

Tikkun Institute - committed to the task of reconceiving the relationship of the social, political, emotional and spiritual dimensions of life in a manner that will foster unity, protect diversity, and promote justice, compassion, and deeper understanding among the world's peoples. Tikkun's analysis draws from the wisdom of the world's spiritual traditions, as well as the insights of contemporary social science, to generate ideas that can help to achieve greater care and depth in our nation's public discourse and policies. They work to understand and counter the sources of personal and political alienation that lie at the root of most destructive activity, and ultimately represent the biggest threat to our collective security The Tikkun Institute draws from the wisdom of the world's spiritual traditions and the insights of contemporary social science to promote ideas that help to achieve a deepening of our nation's public discourse, and improve the quality, outcome, and soul of our public policy. They  explore the psychological and spiritual dynamics that cause citizens to lose hope and retreat from their ideals and examine how to heal our pathways back to hope and trust.

The Network of Spiritual Progressives (NSP) - a project of Tikkun Institute - an interfaith movement welcoming to "spiritual but not religious" secular people as well. NSP focuses on a spiritual vision to create a real alternative to the political Right, to the fundamentalists (religious and political), and to our society's ethos of selfishness, materialism, and cynicism. Four basic tenets: foster a new bottom line of love, generosity & ecological sensitivity in our economy, education, media, & government. ~ foster a new global consciousness and solidarity ~ promote awe, radical amazement, gratitude & developing an inner spiritual life ~  challenge the misuse of god & religion by the religious right and religio-phobia on the left.

TIKKUN Magazine - a bimonthly Jewish critique of politics, culture and society published six times annually. Issues are available online two months after coming out in print.

NSP's Bottom Line Groups - in law, medicine, psychotherapy, and education.

TransFaith On-line - Transgender Christian resources on the web. TransFaith on-line is dedicated to educating churchfolk about TransFaith, TransFolk, and OtherWisdom supporting Transfolk in our sacred role as OtherWise nurturing the expression of the sacred OtherWise.

Tritiya-prakriti: People of the Third Sex - provided in cooperation with GALVA, the Gay and Lesbian Vaishnava Association of Honolulu, Hawaii to educate Hindus, Vaishnavas and the public in general about the "third sex" as described in the Vedic literatures.

Truth Sets Free - Justin R. Cannon's website for his study "The Bible, Christianity, and Homosexuality"

Unitarian Universalist Office of Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Concerns - guided by the vision that someday we will be able to put ourselves out of business and that oppression against bisexual, gay, lesbian, and/or transgender people, whether it be overt or subtle, will be a thing of the past. Unitarian Universalism has been on record as supporting the rights of bisexual, gay, and lesbian people since 1970 and this office was formed in 1973. Lots of information and resources here.

UCC Coalition for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Concerns - United Church of Christ organization.

Whosoever - an online magazine dedicated to the spiritual growth of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered Christians.

The World Congress of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Jews: Keshet Ga'avah (Hebrew for Rainbow of Pride) consists of more than 65 member organizations. It's vision is an environment where LGBT Jews worldwide can enjoy free and fulfilling lives.

Wounded in the Name of God--a Journey from Religious Wounding Toward Personal Discovery - Denver psychotherapist Brent Coleman  < b>  grew up in a world of fundamentalist religion. He writes about religious abuse from a personal perspective, then adds a professional view as a licensed psychotherapist works with others emerging from similar experiences. Metanoia Press (December 15, 2001 - ISBN: 0971601801)


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